From Application to Expansion, Cannaspire provides the products, services, and consulting you need to succeed in the Cannabis Industry

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Not sure where to start? Planning your strategy to get a cannabis license? Cannaspire provides a variety of cannabis consulting services from phone consultations, business plans, security plans, building a team, and more.


All businesses have goals whether it is financial success, expansion, or mergers and exits. Cannaspire provides products and solutions to help you achieve your goals.


As the legalization of marijuana continues to expand to more states, cannabis entrepreneurs across the U.S. are wrapped up in planning their entry into the market. Cannaspire helps state and local officials create and enforce robust regulatory compliance.

Get Started - Get Licensed

Are you looking to get into the cannabis industry?

Maybe you are looking to learn how to open a dispensary, start a grow, become a process manufacturer, or a cannabis microbusiness?

The industry is currently growing rapidly and is extremely profitable with more and more states legalizing medical and recreational cannabis such as New Jersey, New York, and Connecticut. 

Cannaspire has a variety of services to help you achieve success in the industry from getting you started, helping you put together your plans and team, to achieving a cannabis license in competitive states. 

Cannabis Consulting

Cannaspire Helps Empower Cannabis Businesses with Solutions & Consulting To Achieve Their Short and Long-Term Goals

Every Cannabis business has an end goal whether it is expansion or a lucrative exit/merger. What separates the businesses that achieve are the decisions made right from the start, through licensure, to operation in those first few formative years. Our cannabis consultants work closely with your business to put the pieces in place to achieve long-term success.

Security Solutions

From the score on your application, compliance, to preventing security breaches Cannaspire provides solutions, products, and services to help startups and growing businesses achieve their security needs. 

Technology Solutions

Ensure your Cannabis business has the right cannabis technology strategy, products, and solutions from facility needs to seed to sale software.

Cannabis Compliance Services

Cannaspire provides regulatory compliance services to cannabis businesses and state and local officials.

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About Us

Cannaspire provides end-to-end services, products, and consulting you need to succeed in the cannabis industry. We work with a wide range of cannabis businesses and state & local policymakers. Our focus includes cannabis licensing, consulting, security solutions, technology solutions, and compliance services which have helped clients secure licenses and achieve growth goals for established canna-businesses.

Cannaspire is a Certified Woman Owned Business and a Proud Member of the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC). We contribute part of our profits to cannabis social equity applicants and projects.


Jim White

President & CEO

Chairman and Founder

Mike Bolin


Ellen Bolin

Chief Revenue Officer

Warren Harasz

Vice-President of Regulatory Compliance at Cannaspire

Cannaspire Donates a Portion of Our Profits

We are proud to donate a portion of our profits to cannabis social equity applicants and projects.

Cannaspire is a proud member of the following organizations

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