WBENC Certification Assistance


In the United States, WBENC (Women’s Business Enterprise National Council) certification is the most widely recognized and ventured national certification for women entrepreneurs and business leaders. Aside from various general benefits that come with a certificate, a WBENC distinction can be crucial in the cannabis industry. 

As a WBENC certified member and proud woman-led business, Cannaspire can help you achieve WBENC certification along with meeting your state’s diversity requirements and venture needs in the highly regulated cannabis industry. 

Benefits of Certification

WBENC certification provides an avenue for business opportunities and benefits. One prominent advantage of acquiring WBENC certification for your venture includes vast network access to supplier diversity and procurement executives. Hundreds of major U.S-owned enterprises, federal legislative and local government units widely recognize and accept WBENC certification as a valid credential for business licenses. 

In addition, WBENC certification presents eligibility for regional and national awards and recognition, such as America’s Top Corporations for Women’s Business Enterprises and WBE Star Award. WBENC also highly values organizations and individuals who have reduced barriers for women in workplace environments and contributed to national economic growth.

When it comes to acquiring a cannabis operating license, the process can be challenging due to numerous applicants competing for a limited number of licenses. Due to this, every detail from your application can provide the needed advantage for your license qualification, such as a WBENC certification.  

Finally, as an opportunity to level the playing field in male-dominated industries, conducting cannabis operations that are WBENC certified presents an opportunistic pathway for women-led organizations to expand their company’s visibility and market share.

The Required Steps to WBENC Certification

WBENC only validates a business that is at least 51% owned, controlled, and managed by women entrepreneurs and stakeholders. This denotes that business applicants have women owners that have unrestricted control and demonstrates the management of the business operations.

Once we have established that you are qualified for the certification you will be required to prepare up to 22 specific documents ranging from an affidavit, business & financial historical  information, and other forms of proof of qualification. This will be followed by a two-part verification process in ensuring every applicant meets the standard criteria and requirements. The Regional Partner Organization will also be responsible for processing your application and reviewing it with a certification committee. Furthermore, a site visit to the applicant’s business operation is also arranged per part of the review process for certification. 

Finally, as a WBENC-certified business, your business will have access to a large range of benefits and advantages, including improved quality for state license applications.

How Cannaspire Can Help You Become Certified

Cannaspire, LLC (formerly CannaBeSecure) is a privately owned women-led  business specializing in Cannabis security and consulting. As an industry expert, Cannaspire helps clients become WBENC-certified by providing direct assistance to this time-intensive process which includes preparing your applications, organizing your documents, and helping ensure your acceptance.

Are you interested in receiving your WBENC Certification? Let’s talk.