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Advisory/Executive Coaching Services

Cannaspire combines business consulting and executive coaching to get you results now and leaves you with the tools to deliver them moving forward.

Who We Work With


Constant uncertainty, limited resources and a need for growth are all part of entrepreneurial ventures. Having unbiased feedback, advice, and the input of experienced professionals can make all the difference.


39% of executives say they have used a coach in the past 12 months according to Inc Magazine. Our philosophy is that certified coaching is best provided by those with real track records of performance at the highest levels in business. We believe this is essential to see the full picture and avoid blindspots.


Dysfunctional teams are at the root of what will destroy the progress of a growing company. However, when teams work effectively together, it is the ultimate rare competitive advantage. Our system combines consulting & coaching to put this in place for your team.

Here's How We Can Help You

Improve Your Business Strategy

Without a common strategy, you can’t set a common agenda. This not only results in businesses coming off the rails as they grow, but can put a company at the risk of unexpected but preventable disasters. Let us help you put together a professional strategy, make you aware of blindspots, and leave you with the tools to develop your own down the road.

Leadership & Talent Development

Do you find your team is having a hard time holding onto talent? Not only is this a problem to your bottom line but it does not inspire investors. Managers manage, leaders lead which inspires great vision and brings out talent’s true potential and loyalty. Let us help you and your business develop its own leadership and talent development plan.

Shed Bureaucracy With Sound Corporate Governance

Is it taking forever for your team to make executive decisions? Bureaucracy is the death knell of an organization in this business climate. You might remember a time when the business was smaller and decisions were made quickly and effectively which led to it’s growth. An effective system for corporate governance is an absolute must to a business that wants to stay growing.

Keep Investors Happy With Long-Term Financial Planning

Sometimes a business is so focused on just making sales they miss out big through waste and lack of best financial practices. At some point, you have to focus on returns, keep investors happy, and deliver business sustainability. We work with businesses to help them implement these critical components and make them stick.

Create an Authentic Corporate Culture

A distinguished corporate culture is undeniably part of all successful companies that change the world and make waves. It’s difficult to measure as a financial sheet which is why it can be overlooked, but its the difference between a company with “just employees” to a “high-performing, well-disciplined team working as one organism”. Through our experience with matured companies to fast-growing startups, let us help you bring out the culture that will help your business prosper.

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