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As of January 2022, CannaBeSecure is officially Cannaspire. We decided to rebrand and change our name to reflect our growing consultancy and exciting plans.

Cannaspire is a one-stop shop for all your cannabis business needs. From application to expansion, Cannaspire provides the products, services, and consulting you need to succeed in the cannabis industry.

Cannaspire is now focused on five key services that we provide to those that are seeking to get into the industry and to those with established cannabis businesses.

Cannabis Business Consulting—to help you get your foot in the industry and achieve profitability, from application to expansions and exits.

Cannabis Licensing Services—prepare a winning application in competitive states

Security Products & Services—products and services to implement cost-effective expert-approved security solutions

Tech Solutions—Everything you need to help your cannabis business achieve its goals

Regulatory Compliance Consulting & Audit—Compliance measures, SOPs, and certifications to keep your operation running and compliant.

Here are the types of services in each area:

Cannabis Business Consulting 

Cannabis Licensing Services

Security Products & Services

Tech Solutions 

Regulatory Compliance Consulting & Audit