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Cannabis Business Plan Writing Services: Get Your Application Approved and Cannabis Business Funded With Our Business Plans

Cannaspire provides professionally written cannabis business plans that are in line with your vision, help get application approval, funding, and lay a strong foundation for cannabis business success.

Who We Write Business Plans For

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Are you looking to open a cannabis business? Well, you’re looking at the right industry at this time. The green rush is real. Considered to be one of the top ten fastest-growing industries, now is the right time to get involved. On December 4th, 2020, The US Federal government House of Representatives approved Federal cannabis legalization. On top of this, the United Nations just voted to reclassify cannabis as a less dangerous drug. All signs point to an explosion in business opportunities over the next few years.

Even though the industry is expected to grow rapidly during this period, seizing this opportunity may prove challenging, and it does not guarantee long term business success and prosperity for everyone who decides to get in. Aside from taking action to become part of the industry, one must have a plan for long-term success, secure funding, and the passage of licensure where you might be one of many applicants with only a limited amount of licenses granted.

If you are looking to get funding for your cannabis business, this is no easy task. Each lending source, whether a bank or investor, will require a formal business plan. That plan will need to sell them on the idea that you have everything covered from compliance to long-term profitability. Finding someone who will be a lender will be a challenge, but it’s not so much that you can’t find a lender, it’s that you want to find a lender who gives you the most favorable terms. This is why what you write in your plan is so critical.

When it comes to being awarded a cannabis business license in the next few years, most state licensing scenarios will require you have one of the top graded proposals to be granted a license over other competing applicants. For example, there were 700 applicants in Illinois this year and only 75 dispensary licenses to be awarded. In your business plan and strategy, it is essential that everything from your partners, security, funding requirements, be competitive. Anything short of this can result in throwing away thousands of dollars in application fees and waiting years to get another chance. 

Even after getting over your funding hurdle and achieving license approval, your business plan serves an even more important purpose: your long-term success. Cannabis businesses, like any business, can fail. There is no guarantee of success, but your business plan’s quality, especially your financials and, particularly for cannabis, your security and compliance expertise, will help keep your organization healthy and thriving long-term. 

This is why Cannaspire (formerly CannaBeSecure) leverages our business plan writing, consulting, and security/compliance expertise to offer you our Business Plan Writing Services. When working with us on your business plan you can benefit from:

  • Planning expertise and input from experienced cannabis industry professionals

  • Professionally created high-scoring business plans that win licenses

  • Written to attract investors

  • Fully Customizable

  • Avoid Costly Cannabis business plan errors and oversights

  • Our process creates a business plan ready for your vision quickly, easily, and completely. The average business plan can take hundreds of hours and months of time. 

Your Business Plan Includes

Each business plan includes all essential sections including beautifully detailed explanations and spreadsheets.
  • Executive Summary
  • Market Analysis and Identification of Target Market
  • Industry Ratio Comparisons
  • Sales Forecasting for three to ten Years
  • Projected Profit and Loss (P&L)
  • Company Balance Sheet
  • Start-up Funding Analysis
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Competition and Buying Patterns for your Industry (Competitive Analysis)
  • Cash Flow
  • Fully Detailed Financials Appendix
  • Full Color Tables, Graphs, And Charts

How It Works

Your business plan writing process is done in 3 steps:
1. Intake meeting​

Our process starts with our intake meeting where we will go over your vision and your goals to build a foundation for the success of your plan.

2. Writing ​

Cannaspire will write a precise plan specific to your needs and goals. This process includes revisions. After you receive your first draft of the business plan you will have opportunity for up to three rounds of revisions.

3. Completed product​

At the completion of the plan, you will receive: a PDF version, a Word version, and an Excel document including built in formulas. All documents are fully editable for your future benefit.

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