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Cannabis Compliance Training


The very high bar for regulatory compliance makes running a cannabis company challenging for everyone involved. Moreover, some cannabis industry workers lack sufficient training to guarantee that they are completely aware of the legal framework, their duties, and the necessity of adhering to the rules and regulations of the industry. Employees who aren’t properly trained are a liability you can’t afford.

A handful of states mandate cannabis businesses to offer employees a certain number of training hours before they begin their job, as well as yearly refresher training. Thorough compliance training can help to reduce the likelihood of getting fined or having your business shut down as a result of expensive or unnecessary errors. Providing workers and business owners with compliance training is an important part of preparing them to operate in the regulated cannabis industry.

Rules vary, and it’s important to make sure that everyone is aware of what is correct, up to date, and necessary. Training adds long-term value to your company and reduces the likelihood of complacency in terms of regulatory compliance requirements. Being able to provide your employees with consistent compliance training increases employee empowerment and overall customer retention.

Why is compliance important in cannabis?

The primary reason you need to be compliant is that it’s the law. Compliance gives you legal protection and prevents your business from facing fines, closure, or other legal problems.

Compliance does more than just keep you safe from regulatory agencies; it also protects your employees and customers alike and allows you to run an ethical business that complies with both local laws and industry standards.

For cannabis businesses, the penalty for non-compliance can be expensive. Unfortunately, there are some businesses that are prepared to take risks in order to reduce the initial expenditures involved with cannabis regulation. They should be aware that some businesses have been shut down due to cannabis-related infractions, leaving their staff to deal with the fallout.

Benefits of Cannabis Compliance Training 

Makes Your Company Stand Out from the Competition

Because of the inflow of venture money into the cannabis sector, the market is expected to become more competitive over time. In addition to attracting top-notch employees, companies that put money into training will be able to set the standard for what customers expect from their products and the purchasing process as a whole. Plus, given the complexities of transitioning from a black market to a legal one, compliance training is essential for legal companies looking to distinguish themselves from their illegal counterparts.

Serves as a stepping stone to collaborating with regulators

Some of the most important characteristics of an industry leader are effective personnel training and compliance initiatives. Companies that place a high value on training will be sought out by regulators for their input. Local authorities will want to know whether or not a company is serious about complying with local and state standards before allowing access to a neighborhood.

Contributes to better-educated cannabis consumers

With the legalization of marijuana, it is more crucial than ever for consumers to be educated. Employees who have undergone thorough training may make a significant contribution to educating customers. Your business may benefit from this strategy since it can help alleviate anxieties, normalize the use of these products, and increase the demand.

Well-trained employees represent your organization positively

To succeed, a company must be able to communicate its best business practices and educate its employees to ensure compliance. Employees can help put a face on your company’s brand in the eyes of consumers, the public, and future employees. If they act in an unprofessional or even a criminal way, it will reflect poorly on your company.

Provides valuable information to the employer

You can learn a lot about your staff via cannabis training. Employers may get an insight into their workforce’s strengths and weaknesses by using data and an adaptable approach to competence development.

A rise in output and efficiency

As a consequence of a lack of clarity about what is expected of them or how to accomplish their responsibilities, employees are more likely to perform poorly. These performance issues may be alleviated with training. Thanks to the training, people become better at their jobs as well as more self-confident in the workplace. As a result, they will be more productive and efficient in their daily tasks.

Necessary Cannabis Training

Some of the cannabis compliance training you’ll need are: 

Self-Auditing & Records Management – Training on how to conduct internal facility inspections and checks for any inconsistencies or weaknesses in fulfilling state or federal compliance criteria and to prepare your facility for regulatory assessment.

HACCP/QAQCTraining for company employees on how to conduct hazard evaluations and put quality assurance and quality control systems in place.

Health and Sanitation – Employing health and safety best practices, as well as developing a sanitation strategy that ensures the safety of consumers, is essential. Growers and processors must also be well-trained in sanitation standards, correct handwashing practices, food handling, and storage procedures in order to ensure the safety of the product they produce.

Cannabis Cultivation Compliance Training – It is important to make sure that all staff members are familiar with the basics of regulatory compliance and the company’s detailed Standard Operating Procedures for growing marijuana. An independent third-party auditor may need verification that you fulfill certification criteria, and training may help you generate the documentation you’ll need to provide to that auditor.

Cannabis Manufacturing Compliance Training – Training, constant coaching, and regular check-ins with your team can help you ensure that standard operating procedures are being followed and that compliance requirements are being fulfilled.

Cannabis Retail Dispensary Compliance Training – It is helpful to have a complete management and staff training and certification program, as well as the development of communication efforts, training, and compliance workshops, in order to promote retail dispensary company growth and compliance.

Cannabis Laboratories Compliance Training – Training for your employees on cannabis, compliance, and regulatory assistance to help you pass the final inspection for GMP certification and ISO accreditation.

Required Cannabis Training State-by-State

A number of states have taken extensive measures in order to guarantee that employees obtain training. Here are a few examples:

To protect public health and safety, the Oregon Cannabis Control Commission may require an individual to receive training in a variety of topics, including handling marijuana items, growing and propagating marijuana, processing marijuana, and any other subject matter deemed necessary by the commission.

California mandates the use of a track-and-trace system, which is a state-approved technology that is used to monitor and trace the movement of commercial cannabis. Every retailer must register for state-mandated track-and-trace system training in order to participate in the system.

The Colorado Health and Safety Regulations dedicate an entire section of its Health and Safety Regulations to the training and instruction of all marijuana sector employees, including those who engage in cultivation and processing.


Employee training has the potential to significantly increase sales while also educating customers and consumers. Knowledge and industry training are essential to minimize risks, avoid issues, and run a profitable cannabis company.

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