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Cannabis Insider Live New England Virtual Event

Get ahead in the billion-dollar medical marijuana, hemp, and legal weed industry with Cannabis Insider Live as they hold their New England virtual event on January 26 from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Along with other distinguished panelists, Jim White, president and CEO of Cannaspire, will speak about breaking down barriers, security in the cannabis industry, navigating the financial business of cannabis, and cannabis consumer research.

In addition to providing an opportunity to network with industry experts and up-and-comers, the event will also include a display of local businesses and a chance to gain fresh ideas and road maps for beginning and building a successful company.

Event Details


Nikki Fried, Commissioner of Agriculture, Florida


Adam Stern, Cannabis Review Quarterly (CRQ)

Anthony Cignoli, A. L. Cignoli Company


Nurys Camargo, Commissioner, Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Nikki Fried, Commissioner of Agriculture, Florida

Jim Mattern, Executive Vice President, Captive One

Philip Smith, Founder, Freshly Baked Company

Emily Leander, Founding Partner, GreenWrap Insurance

George Khun, Owner & President, Drive Research

Jim White, President & CEO, Cannaspire

Craig Besnoy, Attorney, Besnoy Law

Payton Shubrick, CEO & Founder, 6 Brick’s LLC

Additional information and registration fee options for the event are available here.