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Cannabis Laboratories Compliance

With comprehensive scalable solutions designed to meet regulatory compliance requirements, Cannaspire helps future-proof your cannabis laboratory in this continually changing cannabis environment. 

The cannabis industry is constantly changing and evolving. The cultivation, processing, testing, and dispensing of cannabis come with different state and local regulations. Each state has distinct regulatory requirements –  some already have established legal frameworks while other states are still working on it. 

Some states also mandate specific cannabis testing regimens while others require labs to achieve official accreditation to comply with the regulations.One of the most complex challenges that new cannabis testing facilities (and even existing laboratories) looking to pivot into the cannabis testing industry face is navigating through the regulations to work exactly in compliance with state laws.

Cannabis growers, processors, retailers, and laboratories must adhere to regulations for cannabis testing and compliance. Laboratories need to stay on top of the best practices, understand the regulations, and operate with steadfast compliance to mitigate the challenges of maintaining a legal operation. 

At Cannaspire, we understand all the challenges and obstacles that businesses face in the cannabis industry.

As such, we continue to grow the scope of our consultancy services to meet the ever-changing needs of cannabis businesses.

Cannaspire Cannabis Compliance Testing

Compromising quality at any step will jeopardize your business and the trust of your customers.

It’s important to run your business in compliance with the law and regulations to ensure your business avoids unnecessary liability.

The key step to ensuring compliance with state regulation is by making sure that your cannabis laboratory can accommodate testing requirements.

Aside from making sure that their products and facilities are safe, cannabis testing laboratories have to comply with all the state regulations to obtain and maintain the necessary permits and licenses for daily business operations. At Cannaspire , we assist in ensuring that your laboratory will satisfy these testing requirements, including but not limited to:

  • Potency Analysis
  • Terpene Analysis 
  • Pesticides Analysis
  • Residual Solvent Screening
  • Microbial Safety Screening
  • Foreign Matter Screening
  • Mycotoxin Screening
  • Heavy Metals Screening
  • Residual Solvents and Chemicals Testing
  • Foreign Material Testing
  • Terpenoids Testing

Count on Cannaspire to provide you with the comprehensive service you need.

How Cannaspire Helps Emerging Cannabis Laboratories

Cannaspire’s team of experts works to facilitate the approvals you need to operate a cannabis compliant testing lab business. Our commitment to complete compliance with cannabis testing laboratories ensures consumer safety and prevents illicit products off the market. Take a look at some of the things that make Cannaspire your great cannabis laboratory compliance partner.

  1. Commitment. We ensure that the products you grow, manufacture, and distribute are safe and secured. 
  2. Guidance. We guide the process for new cannabis laboratories as well as managing already functioning units.
  3. Complimentary training. We provide training for your team on cannabis, compliance, and regulatory advice for you to pass the final inspection for GMP certification and ISO accreditation.
  4. Quality-minded experts. We’re committed to great customer service and accurate, fast results.
  5. Support. We provide full support for cannabis testing laboratories looking to offer comprehensive services. 
  6. Full compliance guaranteed. We assist in ISO/IEC accreditation for cannabis testing labs and help cannabis businesses stay in compliance with these standards
  7. Precision Testing. We provide consistent, reliable, and accurate testing services to cultivators, craft growers, and processors within the cannabis industry. 
  8. Unparalleled results. We utilize validated methodologies to ensure the growth and safety of this growing industry.

Start Your Cannabis Laboratory Compliance

In an industry that lacks universal standards in licensing and regulatory requirements makes operating a cannabis testing laboratory challenging and difficult. Cannaspire is committed to public safety and ensures full laboratory compliance to build a safer cannabis industry. At Cannaspire, we implement laboratory and sample management operations to produce the information required for effective decision making, license applications, and many other essential business use cases. 

Contact us to learn how we can help your business as you explore the opportunity in the cannabis testing space. 

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