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Cannabis Marketing, Branding & Creative Services


Marketing and branding in the cannabis industry is more complicated than any other industry. Cannabis consumers encompass a wide demographic spectrum and the types of products vary so much they overlap multiple industries and markets. Add to that, the ancillary marketplace in cannabis that reaches out to both businesses and consumers. Marketing is further complicated by regulations that make it tough to reach audiences using traditional methods as well as restrictions on characters and other types of branding that may appeal to children. No matter the good or service you are providing, you will not succeed without getting the attention of your target market. 

Cannabis operators are also faced with high taxes and other increasing overhead costs while profits are shrinking. Unfortunately, this means cost cuts across the board including shutting down facilities and reductions in the workforce. Salaries for Marketing Executives, Managers and Specialists in the cannabis industry range from $50k to $250k a year plus benefits. In the current economic climate, cannabis operators of all sizes are faced with eliminating positions that are non- revenue generating. The reduction of marketing executives and personnel has made it difficult for some operators to maintain a strong marketing presence and brand recognition. With having to reduce and or eliminate marketing and branding positions, the question then becomes how do you ensure your business remains relevant. Fractional Chief Marketing Officers are trending and Cannaspire is here to help.

How can we help?​

Cannaspire offers a wide variety of marketing and branding services intended to help create and maintain your Marketing Strategies, Website Design and Development, Search Engine Optimization, Personal Brand including Logo Design, Brand Guides, Rebranding, Compliance Signage and more.

Branding and Visual Identity (Logos, Brand Guides, Business Cards, etc.) 

A visual, or brand, identity, is the look of your brand. It consists of elements that will be associated with your company upon sight. For example, Nike’s Swoosh logo and Apple’s icon have become visual representation for their brands. A brand guide or graphics standard manual is a guide to your logo and its allowable variations, as well as things like the colors and fonts to be used with all things involved with the business. It can also describe what not to do with brand assets. Any cannabis business, large or small, benefits from a brand identity simply because it’s best to have consistency across all visual and graphic materials.

Website Design and Development

We build revenue driving websites for all cannabis and psilocybin businesses on time and at a reasonable price. Optimize your business’s performance with a website that is easy to navigate, written with sales psychology, SEO optimized, and built to handle your future needs.

Conversion Rate Optimization Rates (CRO)

Optimize your website’s pages for profit and growth and unlock more sales opportunities with Conversion Rate Optimization Services(CRO). The top performing website pages are seeing 2 to 3 times the average amount of leads according to a massive word stream study. The top 10% can see as high as 5x the average. What would it mean for your cannabis business if you received 2 to 5 times more leads? 

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO can produce some of the best returns of any marketing effort. The more effort you put into it the less required in the long run, making it an essential component of a business’s revenue generation strategy. The #1 ranking on Google search for a keyword gets 33% of all search traffic; 18% goes to 2nd place and 11% goes to 3rd place. With so much to gain from a top-notch search engine strategy, it’s no wonder SEO is a huge play for cannabis businesses that want to grow and keep generating opportunities.

Marketing and Advertising (LinkedIn Marketing, Email Marketing, Print and Digital ads, Infographics, etc.)

Advertising is one of the most recognizable outlets of graphic design. Because marketing is so multifaceted, it overlaps with many other types of graphic design, such as packaging, publications, and more. When your marketing materials are concise, imaginative, and eye-catching, you’re bound to see results. This is why finding the right designer is so important. There should be visual consistency across campaign materials, which graphic designers can achieve with the help of brand style guides.

Packaging (Food & Beverage, Jar Labels, Pre-Roll Packs, Papers, etc.)

Good packaging is the best sales representative for physical products. Attractive packaging can set your product apart from the competition. In the cannabis industry, one of the most important aspects of packaging is also compliance; making sure your packaging has the required warnings, icons and fine print is essential to a smooth operation. The right packaging reflects your brand values and strikes a chord with your target market. It should also feature easy-to-digest information. It’s best to have the graphics work harmoniously with the functionality of the packaging material itself.

Publications (Brochures, Newsletters, Safety Datasheets, Catalogs, etc.)

Graphic design for publishing involves creating layouts for long-form content and traditionally refers to print medium like books, magazines, and catalogs. This normally involves working with longer blocks of text. Publications also include shorter digital content like e-books, emails, and online magazines. What does a good layout look like? A balanced page layout is well-aligned and uses thoughtful visual hierarchy to draw a reader’s eye to the most important design elements first.

Fractional Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)

Cannaspire’s Fractional CMO service provides an affordable solution for MSOs, Mid-Size Operators as well as Startups who need ongoing branding and marketing services at a fraction of the cost of having full-time employees. A Fractional CMO provides executive marketing leadership and diverse experience in a flexible and scalable manner via a fractional role. Fit your budget and needs to your current business and leverage an experienced Fractional CMO. The benefits include:

  • Allows you to develop a better marketing strategy and execution than your competition.
  • A CMO can help you and your team put those other necessary marketing channels in place much faster without
    trial and error.
  • Provides a unique perspective to open your strategy to different possibilities.
  • Gives your team the marketing leadership necessary, which can be a challenge while the business is growing.
  • We serve all cannabis and psilocybin businesses including Cultivators, Manufacturers, Retailers, Vertically
    Integrated Operators, Testing Labs, Wholesalers, Distributors and Delivery businesses.
  • Depending on the size of the operation, our Fractional CMO service is typically utilized for 10 – 40 hours a month.

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