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Cannabis News Roundup: 9/18/23 - 10/8/23

As we enter October, a lot is happening in the world of Cannabis opportunities to pay attention to already. Here’s a snapshot of the latest updates. In this edition, we bring you news from Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Alaska, New York, and California. Here’s what you need to know:

Wisconsin Legislators Introduce Bill to Legalize Cannabis for Adults

On September 22nd, Senator Melissa Agard (D-Madison) and Representative Darrin B. Madison (D-Milwaukee) introduced a bill in Wisconsin to legalize cannabis for adults aged 21 and older. The proposed law also outlines a permitting system for the production, processing, and sale of marijuana. Read their official statement here. Explore the cannabis program in Wisconsin by visiting this guide

Pennsylvania Senate Advances Medical Marijuana Sales

On September 20th, in a 44-3 vote, the Pennsylvania Senate approved a bill that aims to permit all licensed medical marijuana grower-processors in the state to sell their cannabis products directly to patients. Additionally, there’s ongoing discussion in the House about potentially extending the law to allow for personal home cultivation. Learn about the current cannabis program in Pennsylvania by reading this article

Alaska’s New Marijuana Regulations: Expanded Advertising and Sampling Opportunities

Starting October 8th, a new regulation signed by Alaska Lt. Gov. Nancy Dahlstrom (R) on September 8th will come into effect. This regulation permits Alaska’s legal marijuana businesses to expand their advertising and offer complimentary marijuana samples at retail stores. The updated rules simply require marijuana retailers to adhere to local signage restrictions and the state’s billboard ban. This could lead to an increase in advertising signs near marijuana businesses, and local governments will have the responsibility to regulate them as they deem necessary. Once the new regulations are in place, marijuana advertisements will be allowed on buses, bus stop shelters, and college campuses.

New York Launches Cannabis License Application Window Soon 

Starting October 4, New York state is accepting applications for new cannabis licenses, including cultivators, retailers, processors, and microbusinesses. The Office of Cannabis Management expects to issue around 1,500 new licenses, with a 60-day application window and a 30-day cure period for applicants to address any issues. Find out more about the cannabis program in New York by visiting this page

Cannabis Bills Await Governor’s Signature in California

California lawmakers have approved several cannabis bills in their recent session, awaiting Governor Gavin Newsom’s signature or veto by October 14. Notable bills include Senate Bill 51, designed to extend provisional licenses for social equity operators, particularly aiding those in Los Angeles facing challenges transitioning to annual state licenses; Assembly Bill 374, which could revolutionize marijuana retail by permitting on-site kitchens and events at stores, potentially offering new revenue streams and serving as a model for other states; and Assembly Bill 1207, which introduces strict product labeling and packaging restrictions, generating opposition from the industry due to its potential impact on branding and marketing for smaller and minority-led businesses. You can learn more about California’s existing cannabis program here

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