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Cannabis News Roundup: Cannabis Law Updates in FL, WI, NH, AR and VA

Across the United States, legislative efforts continue as more people are working to change the laws in the cannabis industry with the effort to create rules that allow people to use cannabis safely. In Florida, lawmakers are proposing limits on the strength of recreational marijuana to ensure public safety. Wisconsin’s attempt to legalize medical marijuana is on hold due to disagreements among legislators. New Hampshire has taken a significant step by passing a bill to legalize marijuana for adult use, aiming for a regulated market. Arkansas is moving forward with a plan to let voters decide on expanding medical marijuana access, including home cultivation. Virginia is progressing with a compromise bill to legalize and regulate retail marijuana sales by 2025, focusing on safety and equity.

Florida’s Legislative Advances in Marijuana Potency Regulation

On February 15th, Florida proposed legislation to cap the potency of recreational marijuana, aiming to lead the way in state marijuana control. This initiative seeks to limit THC levels to 30 percent for cannabis flower and 60 percent for other products, while also setting rules for edible servings. Designed to reduce the risks from high-potency THC, this measure aims to enhance public health and safety. With significant public support and attention, Florida’s effort to update its marijuana policies could benefit the state’s economy and overall societal health. To stay informed on Florida’s cannabis policies, click here.

Wisconsin’s Legislative Halt on Medical Marijuana Legalization

On February 15th, Wisconsin’s progress on a medical marijuana bill was paused due to disagreements among Republican lawmakers, despite the bill proposing non-smokable cannabis access for patients with specific medical conditions from state facilities. The legislation aimed to create a regulated medical cannabis system, including an Office of Medical Cannabis Regulation for overseeing patient and caregiver registrations and product distribution. However, the bill’s advancement stalled, largely because of differing views between the Assembly and the Senate within the Republican-controlled legislature. Governor Tony Evers showed willingness to sign the bill if it avoided problematic provisions, but the legislative session’s end threatens the bill’s chances of passing. This halt in progress has ignited discussions on the future of cannabis legislation in Wisconsin, highlighting the challenges of legalizing and regulating medical cannabis. For further insights into Wisconsin’s cannabis program,  please refer to this detailed guide.

New Hampshire’s Progress in Marijuana Legalization Efforts

On February 22nd, the New Hampshire House of Representatives passed a bill, HB 1633, with a 239–141 vote to legalize adult-use marijuana, marking a significant step in the state’s cannabis reform efforts. The bill proposes the establishment of up to 15 licensed retail stores to sell recreational marijuana statewide, after thorough planning to ensure a regulated and safe industry. It covers key aspects like possession limits, retail operations, and public health safeguards to ensure a smooth transition to legal cannabis use. Following its approval by the House, the bill now moves to the Finance Committee for further review, with another House vote required before it can proceed to the Senate. This development is a critical moment in New Hampshire’s journey to update its cannabis laws, moving towards a well-regulated marijuana market. Stay updated on New Hampshire’s cannabis program, click here.

Arkansas’ Advancement in Medical Marijuana Accessibility

On February 20th, the Arkansas Attorney General approved the Arkansas Medical Marijuana Amendment of 2024, setting the stage for a signature collection to qualify for the November 2024 ballot. This approval marks a crucial advancement in Arkansas’ efforts to broaden medical marijuana access, including measures like allowing patients to grow their own cannabis and widening the criteria for obtaining patient ID cards. The initiative aims to create a safer, more regulated medical marijuana industry in Arkansas by introducing improvements such as expanded patient certification, telemedicine options, and acceptance of out-of-state patient cards. By moving forward with signature gathering, this initiative represents a significant step towards making medical cannabis more inclusive and accessible in the state. This effort underscores Arkansas’ commitment to revising its medical marijuana policies to better meet the needs of its residents. You may learn more about the current cannabis program in Arkansas by reading our blog article on the topic here.

Virginia’s Legislative Progress on Marijuana Sales Legalization

On February 22nd, Virginia advanced a compromise bill aimed at legalizing and regulating retail marijuana sales. By moving forward with this legislation, Virginia intends to create a structured marketplace for cannabis, marking a crucial moment in state marijuana policy. Following the bill’s advancement out of a House committee, there’s been a noticeable increase in public attention and support, with stakeholders keenly observing the bill’s journey through the legislature. This legislative action seeks to establish operational guidelines for marijuana sales, targeting a launch date no earlier than May 1st, 2025, and includes provisions for a 9 percent tax on retail sales, canopy size regulations for cultivators, and an equity-focused microbusiness program. The initiative is designed to address the challenges of the unauthorized market and ensure safe, regulated cannabis access, reflecting Virginia’s comprehensive approach to updating its cannabis regulations. For updates on Virginia’s cannabis legislation, click here.

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