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Cannabis News Roundup: Cannabis Policy Milestones in NH, FL, NC, ND, OH, PA, SD

Cannabis reform efforts across the United States have produced diverse results in recent weeks. In New Hampshire, the House rejected a compromise bill to legalize recreational marijuana due to concerns about a state-controlled monopoly. Meanwhile, a poll in Florida shows a high percentage of voters support a marijuana legalization initiative for the November ballot. The Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians in North Carolina approved recreational cannabis sales on their land. North Dakota’s marijuana legalization campaign has made significant progress, verifying enough signatures to move toward getting on the November ballot. Ohio is advancing recreational marijuana sales as the Division of Cannabis Control opened applications for dual licenses for existing medical dispensaries. In Pennsylvania, lawmakers rallied for Senate Bill 846, emphasizing social justice in their push for marijuana legalization. South Dakota reported increased fees for medical cannabis operators and a poll indicating voter opposition to recreational marijuana legalization.

New Hampshire House Rejects Cannabis Legalization Bill After Compromise Attempt

On June 6th, New Hampshire lawmakers reached a compromise on HB 1633, a bill that would legalize recreational marijuana use in the state by 2026,including provisions for pre-existing medical dispensaries to have priority in obtaining recreational licenses and raising the maximum decriminalized possession amount to one ounce. However, on June 13th, the New Hampshire House rejected the bill, ending efforts to pass it, which proposed up to 15 state-controlled retail locations. Pro-legalization House members opposed the retail model backed by Gov. Chris Sununu and the Senate, saying it would create a monopoly and hinder innovation. Despite attempts to compromise, the bill was shelved and the House adjourned for the summer. To stay updated on New Hampshire’s cannabis program, click here.

Florida Voters Strongly Support Marijuana Legalization Despite Governor’s Opposition

On June 6th, a Fox News poll indicated that 66 percent of Florida voters support the marijuana legalization initiative set for the November ballot, exceeding the 60 percent needed for approval. This measure has more voter support than Governor Ron DeSantis, who is actively opposing it. The survey shows strong backing across Democrats, independents, and Republicans, though voters aged 65 and older are less supportive. Analysts project that legalization could bring substantial tax revenue to Florida, with the initiative permitting adults to buy and possess up to one ounce of cannabis. You may learn more about the current cannabis program in Florida by reading our blog article on the topic here

NC Cherokee Tribe Approves Recreational Marijuana Sales

On June 6th, the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians in North Carolina approved Ordinance 63, amending Chapter 17 of the Cherokee Code to allow recreational cannabis sales in addition to medical marijuana sales. This decision follows the opening of their medical marijuana dispensary and a September referendum where 70% of tribe members supported adult recreational use. While marijuana remains illegal in the rest of North Carolina, the tribe can establish its own regulations as a sovereign nation. The Great Smoky Cannabis Company will initially limit sales to tribal members, expanding to all adults over 21 later in the summer. The legislation requires approval by Principal Chief Michell Hicks to become law and includes regulations for safe consumption and restricted public use​. For more details on the evolving stance on cannabis in North Carolina, click here.

North Dakota Cannabis Campaign Halfway to Ballot Success

On June 6th, the marijuana legalization campaign in North Dakota announced significant progress in collecting signatures for the November ballot. The New Economic Frontier campaign reported verifying 8,344 signatures with more under review. The proposal would allow adults 21 and older to possess, purchase, and grow limited amounts of marijuana, regulated by the state Department of Health and Human Services.For further information about North Dakota’s current cannabis program, you can read our guide.

Ohio Moves Forward with Recreational Marijuana Sales, Some Local Bans in Place

On June 7th, the Division of Cannabis Control (DCC) opened applications for dual licenses for existing medical dispensaries in Ohio, moving the state closer to launching recreational marijuana sales. The DCC will process applications in the order received, aiming for a quick turnaround for medical permit holders. Governor Mike DeWine, despite opposing legalization, has criticized the delay in regulated product access since voter approval last November. Additionally, dozens of Ohio municipalities, particularly suburbs and smaller towns, will ban recreational marijuana dispensaries, with the list potentially growing and some bans being temporary. Currently, Ohio has 120 certified medical cannabis licensees and 17 provisional licensees operating 126 dispensaries statewide, many of which plan to apply for dual-use licenses. Stay updated on Ohio’s cannabis program, click here.

Pennsylvania Lawmakers Rally for Marijuana Legalization with Social Justice Focus

On June 11th, Pennsylvania lawmakers intensified their push to pass a marijuana legalization bill, Senate Bill 846,  emphasizing bipartisan cooperation and social justice at a “Cannabis Day at the Capitol” rally. Legislators stressed the need for social equity provisions in the legislation. Despite opposition, Governor Josh Shapiro included legalization in his budget proposal, highlighting the potential for regulated product access and economic benefits. The Division of Cannabis Control is also working to streamline regulations, including eliminating fees for medical marijuana patient registrations. Lawmakers aim to ensure equitable cannabis laws in Pennsylvania. To stay informed on Pennsylvania’s evolving cannabis landscape, click here.

SD Poll Show Voter Opposition to Legalization

On June 11th, a statewide survey revealed that 52% of registered voters oppose Initiated Measure 29, which aims to legalize recreational marijuana, while 42% support it, and 6% are undecided. The poll highlights a significant partisan divide, with 71.4% of Democrats supporting the measure, compared to only 24.4% of Republicans, and independents more evenly split. The legalization campaign faces strong opposition from the South Dakota Republican Party and two Catholic dioceses, urging voters to reject the initiative​​​. To stay updated on South Dakota’s medical cannabis program, click here.

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