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Cannabis News Roundup: Cannabis Updates: VA, FL, KS, HI Changes & Priorities

In the United States, the landscape of cannabis legislation is evolving uniquely across various states. In Virginia, Governor Youngkin rejected a bill for retail marijuana, signaling strong resistance to legalizing recreational use. Florida is on the verge of a major change, with its Supreme Court clearing the way for a vote on recreational marijuana legalization in 2024. Kansas is experiencing a delay in advancing its medical marijuana legislation until 2025, reflecting the state’s cautious approach amid widespread debate. Meanwhile, Hawaii has temporarily shifted its focus from legalizing recreational marijuana to prioritizing recovery efforts from a devastating wildfire. These varied developments illustrate the dynamic and often complex nature of cannabis policy reform in the U.S.

Virginia Governor Vetoes Marijuana Legalization Bill

On March 28th, Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin vetoed legislation that would have established a marijuana marketplace in the state. Senate Bill 448 and House Bill 698 aimed to create a framework for retail sales of marijuana, with licenses to be issued starting September 1, 2025. Despite being passed by the Democratic-controlled General Assembly, Governor Youngkin expressed opposition to the legislation, citing concerns over public health and safety. He cited examples from other states where legalization allegedly resulted in adverse effects such as increased crime and mental health issues. Youngkin also mentioned the financial strain on the system, referencing a Colorado study that found the state spends significantly more addressing the social impacts of marijuana than it gains in tax revenue. He emphasized opposition from law enforcement, healthcare workers, and parents to the legalization of cannabis in Virginia. For updates on Virginia’s cannabis legislation, click here.

Florida Supreme Court Approves Legalization Initiative

On April 1st, the Florida Supreme Court approved a ballot measure, Amendment 3, to legalize recreational marijuana, which will be up for vote on the November 2024 ballot. The measure needs 60% voter approval to pass. It faced opposition, including from the state’s Attorney General, but the court ruled the language clear and not misleading. A successful vote on the proposal would lead to a significant transformation in Florida’s cannabis industry, which is currently the largest medical marijuana program in the U.S. You may learn more about the current cannabis program in Florida by reading our blog article on the topic here.

Kansas Senate Committee Delays Medical Marijuana Bill Decision Until 2025 Amid Diverse Opposition

On March 28th, the Kansas Senate committee postponed the decision on a medical marijuana bill, Senate Bill 555 (SB 555), until the 2025 legislative session. The bill, which proposes a five-year pilot program for medical marijuana, has faced opposition from various groups. Pro-cannabis activists argue that the bill’s limitations, like the lack of providers and the high consumption age, fail to meet patient needs. Law enforcement officials fear it may pave the way for recreational marijuana and increase crime. Meanwhile, supporters from the hemp industry and military veterans advocate for the bill as a medical alternative to prescription narcotics. The Senate’s decision to table the bill reflects concerns over its conservative nature and potential legal and regulatory challenges. To stay informed on Kansas’ cannabis policies, click here.

Hawaii Postpones Marijuana Legalization, Prioritizes Wildfire Recovery

On April 2nd, Hawaii’s push to legalize recreational marijuana was stopped by House leaders, who prioritized other legislative issues, including recovery from Maui’s wildfire. The bill had Senate support but faced House opposition over its potential negative impacts. Advocates remain optimistic about future legalization, with plans to reintroduce improved legislation next session, emphasizing public safety and health and addressing the past harms of cannabis criminalization. For further information about Hawaii’s current cannabis program, you can read our guide.

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