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Cannabis News Roundup: Progress & Challenges: LA, TX, CA, NH Navigate Reform

Recent legislative efforts in marijuana reform have seen varied outcomes across different states. In Louisiana, the House of Representatives faced challenges with a key regulatory bill, while passing other significant reform measures. Texas is witnessing a notable shift in public opinion, with a recent survey indicating strong support for cannabis legalization across political groups. The California Assembly advanced a bill promoting cannabis cafes, which could boost local businesses and provide safe spaces for consumption. Meanwhile, New Hampshire’s cannabis legalization efforts are currently stalled due to disagreements between legislative bodies, with negotiations ongoing to reach a consensus.

Louisiana Faces Mixed Results in Marijuana Reform Efforts

On May 20th, the Louisiana House of Representatives rejected House Bill 978, which aimed to establish regulatory measures for marijuana in anticipation of potential adult-use legalization. Despite strong public support, the bill was defeated with 36 votes in favor and 58 against. However, on May 29th, the legislature passed two significant marijuana reform bills that are now awaiting the governor’s approval. House Bill 165 decriminalizes marijuana paraphernalia, reducing penalties to a $100 fine. House Bill 391 allows pardons for individuals with past cannabis possession convictions without needing a recommendation from the Board of Pardons. These legislative actions reflect ongoing cannabis reform efforts in Louisiana. To stay informed on Louisiana’s cannabis policies, click here.

Texans Show Strong Support for Marijuana Legalization, Including Republican Voters

On May 20th, a recent survey indicated that Texans now show record support for cannabis legalization and decriminalization. The poll reveals that over 60% of Texans favor legalizing recreational marijuana, and an even higher percentage support decriminalizing possession of small amounts. This shift in public opinion reflects growing bipartisan backing, with significant support across different political groups. The increasing approval for cannabis reform suggests potential legislative changes in Texas’ future. For further information about Texas’ current cannabis program, you can read our guide.

California Assembly Advances Cannabis Cafe Legalization Bill

On May 20th, the California Assembly passed Assemblyman Haney’s AB 1775, which aims to legalize cannabis cafes in the state. The bill passed with a 49-9 vote and is now heading to the Senate for further consideration. AB 1775 would allow cannabis dispensaries to sell non-infused drinks and foods while providing spaces for socialization, entertainment, and cannabis consumption. Assemblyman Haney highlighted that this bill would support local businesses, boost the economy, and offer safe, regulated environments for cannabis use, potentially curbing the illegal market. Local jurisdictions will have the authority to set their own regulations once the bill is signed into law. To stay informed on California’s cannabis policies, click here.

New Hampshire Cannabis Legalization Efforts Stalled by Legislative Disagreement

On May 23rd, the New Hampshire Senate passed House Bill 1633, aiming to regulate and tax marijuana sales, with provisions for a state-run franchise model and increased penalties for sales to minors. On May 30th, the New Hampshire House rejected these Senate amendments, opening a week-long negotiation period. The Senate’s plan, delaying legalization until 2026, was criticized by the House for being too restrictive. Governor Chris Sununu supports the Senate’s version, adding complexity to the process. Lawmakers must finalize an agreement by June 6th, with votes required by June 13th. To stay updated on New Hampshire’s cannabis program, click here.

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