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Cannabis News Roundup: State Cannabis Updates in KS, HI and FL

Cannabis laws are evolving across multiple states. Kansas explores a medical marijuana pilot program in line with regional trends. Hawaii advances cannabis reform, while Florida’s Governor opposes legalization over community and regulatory concerns.

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Kansas’ Initiative on Medical Marijuana Legislation

On February 28th, Kansas GOP Senate President Ty Masterson revealed plans to introduce a medical marijuana bill aimed at establishing a pilot program. This initiative mirrors growing public support and neighboring states’ policies, targeting the regulation of medical cannabis use for specific severe conditions under the Kansas Department of Health and Environment’s oversight until 2032. It represents a significant shift in Kansas’ policy towards providing regulated access to medical cannabis for individuals with severe medical conditions, indicating a broader move towards embracing cannabis for therapeutic purposes. To stay informed on Kansas’ cannabis policies, click here.

Hawaii’s Legislative Progress Toward Marijuana Legalization

On March 5th, Hawaii’s Senate passed SB 3335, legalizing and regulating adult-use marijuana for individuals 21 and older. The bill, which also allows for possession and cultivation of specific cannabis amounts, includes the creation of the Hawaii Hemp and Cannabis Authority, sets taxation, and introduces criminal justice reforms like expungement for certain past offenses. This legislation indicates a move toward recognizing the economic and social equity benefits of cannabis, aligning with broader legislative efforts, including legal protections for psilocybin therapy. For further information about Hawaii’s current cannabis program, you can read our guide.

Florida Governor Opposes for Marijuana Legalization

On March 8th, Governor Ron DeSantis restated his opposition to the adult-use marijuana legalization measure, highlighting concerns about odor and business impact. Despite nearly one million signatures supporting the measure, the Florida Supreme Court has yet to decide on its ballot inclusion. DeSantis, while opposing legalization, acknowledged the potential for significant sales tax revenue from legalized cannabis, yet prioritizes regulatory concerns over economic benefits. The campaign behind the measure, Smart and Safe Florida, responded by stating that their measure allows lawmakers to regulate outdoor and public consumption, similar to Florida’s tobacco laws. You may learn more about the current cannabis program in Florida by reading our blog article on the topic here.

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