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Cannabis News Roundup: Stay Informed on Cannabis Legislation: KS, FL, MN, NH, OH

States across the country are actively discussing cannabis reform, reflecting a shift in legislative priorities. Kansas sees a new coalition pushing for the legalization of recreational cannabis and expungement of past offenses, while Florida’s marijuana legalization initiative is close to meeting the necessary support threshold. Minnesota’s Supreme Court has denied the Legal Marijuana Now Party major party status, affecting its ballot presence. New Hampshire’s Senate has approved a revised marijuana legalization bill, which now moves to the Senate Finance Committee. Ohio is set to begin adult-use marijuana sales by mid-June, marking a significant step forward. These developments highlight the ongoing and diverse efforts to reform cannabis policies nationwide.

Kansas Seeks to Authorize Recreational Cannabis and Clear Records

On May 7th, a new coalition formed in Kansas to support legislative candidates who advocate for the legalization of recreational cannabis and the expungement of past cannabis-related offenses. Despite strong public support, with over 67% in favor of legalizing recreational cannabis, the state’s laws remain strict and inconsistent. The initiative emphasizes the misuse of law enforcement resources and the potential medical and economic benefits of legalization. The coalition aims to educate the public on the advantages of legal cannabis, countering the outdated negative stereotypes often portrayed in the media. To stay informed on Kansas’ cannabis policies, click here.

Florida Marijuana Legalization Initiative Nears Threshold with Latest Poll

On May 11th, a new poll from the Florida Chamber of Commerce shows that the state’s marijuana legalization initiative is close to passing but still falls short, with 58% support among likely voters. This is just below the 60% needed to meet Florida’s constitutional requirement for approval. Despite widespread support across the country for legalization, the initiative in Florida faces challenges in meeting the necessary threshold. Opposition from Governor Ron DeSantis and other key political figures is influencing public perception and impacting the campaign for the marijuana initiative. You may learn more about the current cannabis program in Florida by reading our blog article on the topic here.

Minnesota Court Denies Major Party Status to Legal Marijuana Now Party

On May 10th, the Minnesota Supreme Court ruled that the Legal Marijuana Now Party does not meet the state requirements for major political party status. This decision prevents the party’s candidates from automatically appearing on the ballot for the 2024 elections. The court found that the party failed to comply with new legislative rules, which mandate a state central committee supervised by a state convention. Despite the party’s argument that these requirements violate their First Amendment rights, the court rejected these claims. For more information about Minnesota’s current cannabis program, click here.

New Hampshire Moves Forward with Marijuana Legalization Bill

On May 16th, the New Hampshire Senate approved a revised version of HB 1633 to legalize marijuana, passing it with a 14-9 vote. The bill will now proceed to the Senate Finance Committee before potentially returning to the Senate floor and then to the House for approval of amendments. Governor Chris Sununu, who has been skeptical of legalization, has signaled his willingness to sign the bill if it meets specific conditions. Key changes include penalties for cannabis use in vehicles, rules for municipal approval of marijuana retailers, and the establishment of a “cannabis control commission” to oversee regulations. To stay updated on New Hampshire’s cannabis program, click here.

Ohio Set to Launch Adult-Use Marijuana Sales Next Month

On May 13th, Ohio lawmakers approved regulations allowing adults over 21 to purchase and possess up to 2.5 ounces of cannabis and grow up to six plants per person, with a maximum of 12 plants per household. Sales, expected to begin by mid-June, will be subject to a 10% tax, with revenue allocated to administrative costs, addiction treatment, social equity programs, and municipal support. Existing medical marijuana dispensaries can apply for dual licenses to sell recreational marijuana, with applications available by June 7th. The program, overseen by the Division of Cannabis Control under the Ohio Department of Commerce, aims to fully implement by September 7th, 2024. Stay updated on Ohio’s cannabis program, click here.

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