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Cannabis Manufacturing Compliance

Keeping your cannabis manufacturing facility compliant is critical to staying and growing in the cannabis industry.

The cannabis industry continues to change and evolve along with guidelines and regulations, making process compliance more challenging and complicated. As with cannabis dispensaries and retail stores, cannabis production facilities have to meet legal and regulatory requirements to avoid the risk of heavy financial consequences. It is important that cannabis manufacturers review regulations proactively and regularly review to ensure compliance at every step in the process. Though, staying updated and maintaining compliance with all laws and regulations can be difficult when you’re focusing on operating your cannabis manufacturing business. This is where Cannaspire comes in.

Cannaspire Compliance Solutions for Cannabis Manufacturing

As we understand the challenges facing new, emerging and existing cannabis manufacturing companies, we provide key solutions to help businesses survive the long game.

At Cannaspire, we believe that cannabis manufacturing businesses need to adhere to a culture of compliance and we’re continuously working towards sensible manufacturing compliance solutions.

We do this by:

  • Increasing operational efficiency in producing quality standard cannabis products
  • Strategic planning, compliance, and remediation services
  • Supporting compliance projects, manufacturing capacity expansions, and more
  • Protecting your operations from seed to sale
  • Reinforcing team through training, consistent coaching, and check-ins

We’ve helped numerous cannabis companies, dispensaries, and retailers implement best compliance practice programs. We continue to alleviate the regulatory and compliance burden that most cannabis product manufacturers experience.  

Maintain Cannabis Manufacturing Compliance

Cannabis manufacturing companies who demonstrate compliance in every aspect of the process come out on top, gain credibility, achieve business success, and secure brand recognition.

Having an effective cannabis manufacturing process compliance consists of these vital elements:

  • clear adherence to state laws and regulations
  • standard operating procedures that implement compliance measures
  • a process that reinforces compliance protocols
  • strategies and measures that monitor compliance 

A well-designed compliance program not only shows the company’s commitment to compliance. It’s also one of the most critical factors when it comes to regulatory assessments.

Failure to comply with cannabis manufacturing regulations puts your company at risk and hurts your reputation.

Some of the key considerations for cannabis manufacturing facility compliance are waste management, hazardous materials handling and storage, environmental and air quality monitoring, employee safety, and automated alert systems. Our experienced experts can provide specific solutions and recommendations to ensure continual safe operation within the guidelines of state law. We understand the compliance demands of Class one Division one extraction space as well as distillation and other advanced cannabis manufacturing processes. We can help ensure continual compliance as companies increase in scale and engage in new manufacturing operations in a constantly evolving landscape of consumer demands and new manufacturing techniques. 

Cannaspire Cannabis Compliance Solutions

No matter what degree of compliance you need, we provide comprehensive compliance solutions so you can easily manage processes, improve production, and ensure compliance in your manufacturing facility. 

  1. Compliance with regulations. We oversee that your manufacturing facility and its operations adhere to State and local cannabis rules, Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) standards, Hazmat, Hazwoper, etc.
  2. Supply chain management assistance. This includes inventory control measures, supply chain best practices, product and supplier selection.
  3. Product and facility security. We ensure that your facility complies when it comes to regulating access, keeping your products and digital records secure, inventory tracking, etc.
  4. Facilities and utilities support. We provide guidance for start-ups and manufacturing operational activities to ensure manufacturing compliance.
  5. Manufacturing facility workflow compliance. Simplifies your workflows to remove bottlenecks and avoid costly process interruptions that can come through noncompliance.
  6. Manufacturing facility system compliance. This includes strategic planning and amendment of existing processes, if necessary.
  7. Simplified control visibility. Step-by-step workflows to ensure that processes are completed with utmost care and nothing gets overlooked or delayed within the facility.
  8. Training and onboarding. Reinforce team through training, consistent coaching, and check-ins to ensure standard operating procedures are being followed and compliance is being met.
  9. Audit management. Implement corrective actions and manage operational changes through real-time safety audits and assessments.
  10. Incident management. Increase manufacturing efficiency by checking safety and quality issues that disrupt production.
  11. Manufacturing facility security consulting services. We safeguard cannabis operations by identifying what state-of-the-art, cannabis compliant solutions you need, including:
  • streamlined and standardized processes and workflow
  • security measures to secure every person in the supply chain
  • facility access control and intrusion detection systems
  • security systems installation such as video surveillance and burglar alarm systems
  • design of comprehensive security plans that adhere to state regulators and local governments

Achieve Manufacturing Compliance Standards

Cannabis manufacturing is full of opportunities. If you’re already considering starting one, or need to make improvements to your existing manufacturing facility, make sure to bring in the right partner.

Count on Cannaspire to help you navigate throughout the compliance and regulatory process to keep your entire cannabis operations running smoothly.

From conception to commercialization, your manufacturing facility will remain fully compliant.

Contact us and let’s discuss your manufacturing compliance needs.

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