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Cannabis Safes and Vaults

At Cannaspire, we understand how essential security is to your dispensary’s success. Losses associated with the theft of cash or product can be devastating. Being a cash-only business carrying products in high demand puts your dispensary at a much higher risk than any other retail store. 

While your security plan may already take appropriate security measures like armed security, video surveillance, access control systems, and locking solutions, it is not complete without proper vaults and safes. Advanced vaults and safes are imperative for cannabis dispensaries’ security to keep your cash and cannabis products secure.

Protect the assets of your medical marijuana dispensary with our full range of medical marijuana vaults, dispensary safes, vault doors, wire cages, and more.

Types of Dispensary Vaults

High-Security Vault Doors

Our extensive line of vault doors provides top-notch security to your cash and products. We offer vaults and vault doors that are capable of protecting your cannabis facility from the highest caliber demolition tools.

Modular Security and MicroVaults

Both modular vaults and MicroVaults present significant benefits to your security solutions. They are affordable and don’t require new construction. The mobility and expandability of these vaults are better than most other types of vaults. The modular construction can be disassembled and relocated if need be. 

Day Gates

Vault doors are commonly left open during operating hours for efficient accessibility. However, this can cause a security breach, and day gates are the solution to this common problem. Day gates enable access to the vault with a key so authorized staff members do not have to go through the combination commercial locks each time.

The value of a day gate is its ability to deter criminals from attempting a smash and grab during hours when the main vault door is open. 

Wire Cage Installations 

Wire cages can be applied to any vault make, model, or size as an additional layer of security. A wire cage is a perimeter boundary that inhibits unauthorized personnel from even accessing the vault. Cages also allow employees to inspect the vault without having direct access to it. 

Fire & Burglary Safes

Fire and Burglary Safes offer the same safeguard protection as other vaults; however, they are specially constructed to withstand high-heat situations. In the case of a fire, you will not lose your protected assets. These security containers are fire rated and feature a standard dial combination lock system. The fireproof and burglary safes offer security for all your assets, no matter the occasion.

Cash Management Safes

A unique and valuable asset to any dispensary – Cash management safes are also an all-purpose calculator for your businesses and can be used to check for counterfeit money. They are designed to give you complete control throughout the cash handling process. There are many different models that offer immediate views of cash activities across single or multiple locations, all while providing excellent security against theft, greatly enhancing cash flow and reducing cash shrinkage.