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Cannaspire appears on the Cannabis Legalization News Podcast to discuss Security Plans for Cannabis Businesses

Security plans for cannabis businesses are essential and can play a critical role in achieving a cannabis business license.

Jim White and Ted Daniels from Cannaspire joined Cannabis Legalization News podcast to discuss security plans for cannabis businesses. Among the topics they discussed are:

  • Cannabis News
  • Introduction to Cannaspire (formerly CannaBeSecure)
  • How big cannabis security section is for Illinois
  • Dispensary build out security plans requirements
  • Cybersecurity
  • Other industries regulated as much as cannabis
  • Overlap in different jurisdictions between the types of regulations
  • Door access control systems and regulations
  • Background checks

Cannabis Legalization News podcast is a podcast about the cannabis laws, the newest advancements in the legalization of marijuana, and the industry so you can learn about cannabis and get into the industry. The show’s hosts are Miggy, a journalist, and Tom, a lawyer who specializes in the cannabis industry.



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