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Compliance for Cannabis Cultivators

The regulations surrounding the emerging cannabis industry are constantly changing and with so many factors to consider when running a cultivation business, it can become difficult to know what to prioritize. What’s frightening for entrepreneurs is how a single misstep can cost you your license approval or even lose it later on. 

Cannaspire’s Regulatory Compliance & Audit is a 5 stage process designed to help cannabis cultivators through their journey of building an ethical, compliant, and safe business that makes a profit.

Why you need an expert team to achieve cultivation compliance

From securing a license to running a cannabis cultivation business, you will need to stay on top of many moving pieces. You need to commit the rules and regulations to memory and be ready to jump into action if anything changes. In addition to maintaining compliance, you will also have to think about the safety and quality of your workplace and products.  Keeping your operations, especially quality-control, airtight is the key to the steady growth of your business.

A team of experienced cannabis business consultants can help ensure that you have the right systems, technologies, and people in place to prevent cultivation infractions that can put your license at risk.

Cannaspire Regulatory Compliance & Audit

Stage 1: The first thing to understand when seeking a cultivator license approval are the State Laws governing cannabis cultivation and production in your area. Our State Guide provides a clear list of requirements that cannabis entrepreneurs are expected to meet during their journey. We also offer a subscription update service that will keep you updated with any of the changes in the laws in your state, as well as Federal laws in the future.

Stage 2: Once you are ready to start the application process, our secure partners will assist you in achieving State law compliance and meeting the requirements for your operations including (where applicable) State Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs for manufacturing), Good Retail Operations Practices (GRPs for retail dispensaries) or Good Agricultural Practices (GAPs for growing operations).

At this stage, you can also begin to determine the overall costs for construction or modifications to your business plan to meet State law requirements.

Stage 3: As you build the premises for your business operations, our secure partners will work with you to ensure the right building design and layout needed for effective GMP and GAP systems. We will also work on developing the constructive supporting programs for your operation to be efficient and to meet state law requirements.

We will also perform a risk assessment or teach your team how to perform one using the basic principles of Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points or HACCP applied to growing operations, manufacturing operations or retail operations. This is a crucial step to minimize the risks for product issues or recalls in the future.

And lastly, we will help you develop and establish Standard Operating Procedures across the board to ensure safety and state law compliance.

Stage 4: After your business is operational and you are prepared to take production to the next level, our secure partners will assist you in achieving a Certified Standard that is designed to be accepted by the State regulators. Through consultation and training, we will help you develop the necessary documents to show as evidence to the independent third-party auditor approved by the State as proof you meet the certification standards. 

Through this stage, we will guide you in performing on-going risk assessments (HACCP) to identify new hazards and take steps to control them if present. You can also seek our assistance in solving operational challenges and periodical product safety and quality evaluations to ensure that your team is always ready for audits and regulatory visits.

Ultimately, our goal is to help your business achieve a world-class level of organization with impeccable product safety and quality systems. Not only does this help you maximize your profits, but it also makes your business attractive to big-time investors.

Stage 5: When it is time to execute your exit strategy — either through a merger or acquisition — we can perform due diligence for the product regulatory compliance area (GMP/GRP/GAP, product safety and quality risk). The Cannaspire team will help you prepare for a smooth transition for your exit strategy.

When it comes to cannabis regulation and operational compliance, we go the extra mile to maintain the highest level of compliance that our clients need. 

In navigating these challenging cultivation cannabis compliance concerns, count on Cannaspire to be your trusted partner. 

We make compliance as easy as possible so you can operate with peace of mind. 

Whether you need help starting a cannabis business, are unsure of risky compliance infractions, or require mitigating your legal risks, we can help. 

Talk to us about your cultivation compliance needs. Get started today!

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