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Municipal and State Government Cannabis Consulting


Your State has approved medical or adult use recreational cannabis and perhaps even psylocibin use. The State cannabis or psylocibin bill that was passed is just the legislative framework. Now the hard work begins! The State will begin forming an agency that will oversee the cannabis or psylocibin programs. This includes Commissioners being appointed, hiring and training State agency employees followed by developing, adopting and implementing the regulations of the state cannabis or psylocibin programs. As regulations are adopted and implemented this is the juncture that affects local and municipal governments. Now What? What are the next steps you should be taking to ensure the proper rules and regulations for these businesses in your town or municipality?

Working in cannabis regulation is unlike any other government job. Most elected officials and government agencies have spent decades overseeing whatever it is they regulate. There’s experience, case law, science and typically some kind of federal standards.

In cannabis and psylocibin, everyone is learning as they go and the learning curve is challenging to say the least.

Local and municipal governments typically don’t have the personnel or knowledge to deal with these types of businesses potentially opening in their towns or cities. You now have to contend with some of the following questions:

 How do the State regulations affect our town, city or municipality?

Can we opt in or opt out of allowing these types of businesses? Which business types do we want to allow or not allow?

Are there limits on the number of business types we can allow?

Where is the appropriate zone according to our master plan where we should allow the different types of businesses to operate?

How can we tax these businesses? What kind of fees can we impose on these businesses?

Should we have applicants fill out an application for approval? What should be the components of the application? Should there be an application scoring metric?

How do we educate the public and address their concerns?

These are some of the most common questions local and municipal governments have as these highly regulated businesses consider opening in your municipality or town.

Cannabis and psylocibin policies intersect agriculture, botany, manufacturing, chemistry, economics, business, security, population health, legal doctrine, federal/state/local politics and more.

Cannaspire is here to help, from Regulatory 101 Education, Regulatory Policy Development, to setting up a Regulatory Program and beyond.

How can we help?

Our mission is to educate local and municipal governments as well as the public about cannabis and psilocybin legalization and regulation.

Our intent is to:

Provide lessons learned from other states and local municipalities. Highlight what’s working and not working in
government policy and what can be improved.
Educate and provide factual evidence about legalization’s impacts to the government and community.
Assist local and municipal governments regulate cannabis and psilocybin in a thoughtful and meaningful manner.

Local & Municipal Government Consulting Services

Regulatory 101 – Municipal Management/City Council Education

Cannaspire provides consulting services to elected officials and municipal managers to answer any and all questions and provide education regarding the cannabis industry, and the state’s program including the specifics of the legal code, the licensing process, and the security and safety issues that these businesses often present.

Zoning Review/Land Use Master Plan Review

Has the municipality considered what zone/areas they would like these businesses to operate in? What makes the most sense without causing crowding of dispensaries into a small area with limited foot traffic and too close for fair competition? What does the state code require, and what does the existing Land Use Master Plan suggest? Does the Land Use Master Plan need to be updated or amended? What environmental considerations are there?

Develop Municipal Application Guidelines

How many business licenses and what license type does the local or municipal government want to allow? Does the local or municipal government want to charge an application fee, or would they like to have residency requirements? What does the state code allow regarding local transfer taxes, and does the local or municipal government need help developing a tax structure? What municipal office will manage the applications?

 Develop Municipal Application

Cannaspire will create an intake form that asks questions and requests documentation of how an applicant will handle specific issues that the local or municipal government may be concerned with. For instance, odor mitigation, signage, environmental regulations, workforce development plan, community impact plan, waste disposal, security, parking, delivery, drive through window, and facility floor plans and layouts. These application forms will be required to be completed by the business license applicant and municipal approval will be contingent upon either a vote by municipal management/city council or via a scoring system in which case municipal management will be provided with the applicants’ scores according to a set rubric.

Ongoing Consulting

As State Regulations and Federal laws change local and municipal governments need to stay informed and implement those ongoing changes into the municipal code. For instance, some States have banned edibles in the beginning but over time relaxed restrictions and allowed edibles to enter the market. Consumption lounges may not be allowed in the beginning but the State eventually regulates and allows them to operate. As your cannabis and psilocybin municipal regulatory compliance subject matter experts, Cannaspire ensures you remain informed and educated of these changes, how they affect municipal code and how they should be implemented.

Looking to develop and address your local or municipal government cannabis or psilocybin regulatory strategy? Cannaspire can help.

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