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Webinar: How to Get A Social Equity Cannabis Business License in New Jersey

WHEN : Tuesday, June 21 2022
TIME: 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM



The event has passed, but we've got you covered!

Thank you for your interest in our recent webinar. We understand that not everyone could join us live, or perhaps you’d like to revisit some of the key discussions and insights shared during the event. You can now watch the full recap video right here.


The cannabis social equity program in New Jersey is among the best social equity programs in the country to help you own a cannabis business, build wealth, and get into the largest cannabis markets! Whether you are from an economically disadvantaged community, convicted of a drug-related offense, a minority, woman, veteran, or distressed farmer, New Jersey has set aside 30% of all cannabis business licenses for you if you qualify. Not only this, but in a lot of cases, you will have the opportunity to get the first chance to start your business before everyone else.

In this webinar, we will be going over what you need to know to get started and get on the path to succeeding in the industry. This includes:


How to qualify for the NJ state social equity programs.


How you can create a winning application and plan to achieve a social equity cannabis license.


How much does it cost to start a cannabis business? How to get funding?


What are the most common mistakes made by social equity applicants and how to avoid them.


Step-by-Step overview of what you need to do from now until your doors are open.


Other programs you need to know about that will help you start a successful cannabis business

Our curated questions will be followed up with an interactive Q&A for any of our panel experts.

In this informative webinar we will have a panel including:

Chirali Patel

Founder & Managing Partner - Blaze Law Firm

Chirali Patel is the Founder of Blaze Responsibly and a member of the New Jersey State Bar Association’s Cannabis Law Committee Executive Board. Patel is an attorney and advocate working to educate and empower cannabis leaders.

Hubert Klein

Partner - Eisner Amper

Hubert Klein is a Partner at Eisner Amper‘s New Jersey office and leads the Financial Advisory Services Group. Klein is a litigation support specialist for forensic accounting, fraud investigations, commercial damage analysis, and business valuation.

Darrin Chandler Jr.

Director of Cannabis Real Estate - ripco

Darrin Chandler Jr. is a Director of Cannabis Real Estate at RIPCO Real Estate. Chandler has 10+ years of expertise in real estate, sales, marketing, client services, and event management.

Wesley McWhite


Wesley McWhite is the Director of Diversity and Inclusion for the New Jersey Cannabis Regulatory Commission. McWhite is an advocate for people’s rights, an expert in public health, and an expert in marketing and development.

Warren Harasz

VP of Regulatory Compliance - Cannaspire

Warren Harasz is the Vice President of Regulatory at Cannaspire. He has over 15 years of experience in cannabis cultivation with projects including indoor hydroponic, outdoor full-sun organic, and greenhouse production.

Dave Myers

VP of Security - Cannaspire

Dave Myers is the Vice President of Security at Cannaspire. Prior to that, he worked for the Pennsylvania State Police for 26 years as a State Police Corporal.

BONUS: For those that are on the webinar you will get first access to apply for Cannaspire’s Social Equity program: Each quarter we award one Professionally-Writted security plan and one application per year for deserving applicants.