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How To Open A Dispensary In Indiana

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Are you looking for information on how to open a dispensary in Indiana? This page will keep you up to date on the most recent news and information on the cannabis sector in the state. The information included within provides vital insight into what is to come in the coming months.

Given the increasing number of states that are taking steps ahead in the cannabis industry, it is only a matter of time until Indiana follows suit. Approximately 80% of Indianans support the legalization of cannabis for medicinal or recreational uses, according to a statewide poll. Additionally, 78% believe that simple possession should be decriminalized.

There have been 13 cannabis-related bills submitted to change cannabis regulation since the legislature started for its 2022 session. However, marijuana legalization, decriminalization, and medicinal marijuana usage in Indiana will not be implemented for at least another year, according to state officials.

None of the 13 bills up for debate since Jan. 20, 2022, advanced out of committee. Even if they had obtained a majority vote, they would have faced a long route to passage since Gov. Eric Holcomb has already declared his opposition to marijuana legalization. However, Gov. Holcomb said he’s on board with legislators passing legislation to prepare the state if the federal prohibition is repealed.

The probable decriminalization of marijuana and the regulation of THC products will be on the agenda for legislative discussions in Indiana throughout the summer and fall of 2022. It is uncertain whether or not such discussions will result in forward motion, given that it is common for legislation to fail to materialize as a consequence of these interim meetings. Lawmakers have indicated that the complete decriminalization of marijuana is an issue that may be discussed. They will also investigate the possibility of imposing limits on the sale of goods such as delta-8. 

Efforts for Legalization

Indiana is currently one of just 13 states that do not have functional medical cannabis legislation in place, and one of only 19 that still punishes people for mere possession of marijuana with prison time. Possession of a single joint is already punishable by up to a year in prison and a penalty of up to $5,000 under existing legislation.

As previously stated, 13 bills aimed at reforming cannabis laws have been presented. The bills filed included suggestions for marijuana decriminalization, legalization, medicinal usage, and regulation. 

Listed below are the 13 legislations that were introduced.


Marijuana Offenses



Medical Marijuana

Legalization Study

Medical Marijuana

Indiana’s medical marijuana policy is clearly one of the most restrictive in the US.

Enrolled House Bill 1148, which was signed by Governor Eric Holcomb in April 2017, marked the beginning of the state’s legalization of cannabis in some form. This measure made it legal to use low-THC CBD oil for people suffering from epilepsy. The legislation becomes effective on July 1, 2017. It did not, however, provide any information on how patients should go about purchasing CBD oil.

Senate Enrolled Act 52, which legalized low-THC CBD produced from industrial hemp, was signed into law by Gov. Eric Holcomb in March 2018. As long as the CBD oil fits specific labeling criteria and has less than 0.3 percent THC, it is legal for anybody to use and sell it for any purpose.

The Office of the Indiana State Chemist is in charge of regulating the production and processing of hemp in the state of Indiana. The sale of CBD products in retail establishments is not subject to any special guidelines or licensing requirements.

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