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ID Scanners

From enhancing customer experience to helping protect your license, an ID scanner is a vital tool in the daily operations of a cannabis dispensary. As the cannabis industry grows exponentially, the need for stern regulations increases along with it. One such measure is verifying the age of a potential customer that walks into your premises. Unlike in liquor stores where clerks can simply check your ID manually, cannabis dispensaries are required to perform this step with an electronic ID scanner — a device that reads the information embedded into the magnetic strip of an identification card. 

The importance of ID scanners in cannabis dispensaries

Having an ID scanner in your dispensary is more than just about complying with regulations — there are real benefits to investing in this device. For one, it minimizes human error and prevents underage persons or individuals with fake IDs from making a transaction. This alone is invaluable as it helps protect your license to sell cannabis. ID scanning is also an efficient way to collect demographic data points that can be later used for campaigns. Finally, an ID scanner is also a fantastic tool for improving customer experience — the device make for speedy age verification and keeps the waiting time of your patrons short. 

ID scanners and data privacy

As the general public becomes more educated about data privacy and becomes more concerned about how their data is collected, stored, and used, it is not uncommon for some customers to feel wary about your use of an ID scanner in a cannabis dispensary. This is why it’s important to couple your use of an ID scanner with a solid network infrastructure that keeps your customers’ data safe and a clear plan for communicating what kind of data is being collected and for what purpose.

Cannaspire has extensive experience in providing security and tech for cannabis businesses. We can provide your business with a reliable ID scanner and a data privacy policy that will put you and your customers at ease.   

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