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Mobile Device Management

Mobile Device Management (MDM) is the process of securing and managing mobile devices used in an enterprise network. An MDM system can help business owners monitor and secure sensitive corporate information stored in the smartphones, laptops, tablets, and other mobile devices used by their employees for work. With the cannabis industry growing in value each day, MDM is an increasingly important guardrail for cannabis businesses that implement a BYOD setup, in which members of their staff are allowed to use their personal mobile devices for work.

According to a report by Crowd, around 21% of businesses have suffered from a security breach stemming from their implementation of BYOD, a great fraction of which is caused by connections to malware and unsecure WiFi-hotspots. But BYOD isn’t the only risk. In another report published in Forbes, it is revealed that 41% of data breaches between 2005-2015 were caused by stolen devices falling in the wrong hands. When a company-issued device is lost and ends up in the hands of a hacker, disaster will ensue. 

Why does your cannabis business need
a mobile device management system in place?

In addition to losing your clientele’s confidence in your business, the financial impact of a data breach can be massive. CSO reports that a single event of data leak can cost up to $3.8 million and can take years to recover from. 

Fortunately, a reliable MDM system can help prevent devastating financial loss and can even be a pillar in growing a highly-profitable cannabis business:

  • MDM allows the safe implementation of BYOD, which is a cost-effective device strategy that eliminates the need for you to invest in dedicated mobile devices for your operations 
  • BYOD with a proper MDM system can also boost the productivity of your employees by providing them faster and safer access to corporate data
  • MDM also lets you take immediate action to protect your data at the first sign of a possible breach (e.g. loss of device, theft of device, errant employees, malware attack, etc.) 

Cannaspire provides MDM software to help secure the mobile devices used in your cannabis business. By installing a robust MDM software on your employees’ endpoint devices or mobile devices, you gain the capability to wipe the corporate data housed within the device and prevent further access to sensitive information in the event that a device is stolen or lost, or if an employee is terminated or leaves the company.  

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