Opportunities and Challenges in the Emerging Cannabis Marketplace Webinar

Watch the Cannabis Webinar: Opportunities and Challenges in the Emerging Marketplace

With each new state that legalizes cannabis, the cannabis industry continues to grow at a rapid pace. New Jersey & New York are seen as profitable startup hotspots with billion-dollar market potential.

Watch as Warren Harasz, VP of Regulatory Compliance at Cannaspire joins Sax’s Cannabis Advisors, as well as other notable experts in the cannabis sector. In this webinar, they  explore the topic of cannabis and talk about the opportunities and challenges that enterprises in the emerging marketplace confront as the regulatory environment and market conditions shift.

Panelists include top cannabis experts Todd Polyniak, Partner at Sax Cannabis; Adam Holzberg, Senior Manager at Sax Cannabis; Colby Piper, Director of Cannabis Real Estate at RIPCO Real Estate; Sheila M. Mints, Esq., Chair, Cannabis Law Group at Capehart Scatchard and Warren Harasz, VP of Regulatory Compliance at Cannaspire. 



Cannabis Regulations by State

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