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Phone System Solutions for Cannabis Business

Cannabis companies need a fully-dedicated business phone solution to meet growing consumer demand and heavy regulations.

Most busy and modern cannabis businesses tend to overlook their phone systems but having a reliable communications system is a necessity for any business. Slow and disparate phone systems can drag your cannabis business efficiency. Customers also get frustrated with the pain of calling a business and getting on hold.  With increasing consumer demand and the rise of curbside and delivery, you don’t have to spend your time dealing with tricky cabling or experience constant call disruptions. Your communications channel must be readily available for your customers, so they get to connect with you when they need to. You must move from traditional business phone systems. Your business needs a reliable phone system solution so you can focus on what you do best – creating great products. By doing this, your potential customers or business opportunities will reach you instantly.

Cannaspire Phone System

We stay innovative and proactive when it comes to new technology. That’s why we create top-notch business phone solutions packed with essential features that benefit your cannabis business.  

  1. Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) 
  2. Premise-based Phone System

These solutions combine Voicemail, Email, and Fax in one box, and support advanced apps and productivity tools. 

Both phone systems have their own advantages that provide substantial benefits to your business. By choosing a VoIP, you’ll take advantage of lower upfront costs. With a Premise-based System, you’ll get control over its use and operation and costs tend to be lower over time.

No matter what phone system you choose, both will make business communication easy and stress-free. 

Here’s what investing in a reliable phone system can do for you:

  1. Boost the integrity of your business through positive customer interactions
  2. Make customers reach sales and service teams wherever they are
  3. Build a dynamic customer service team
  4. Bring appropriate expertise into customer calls
  5. Protect the sensitive information of your clients like personal data and credit card information
  6. Facilitate better team interactions through conferencing and web collaboration
  7. Better productivity through mobility solutions for on-the-go employees
  8. Administer standalone voice and messaging systems at multiple locations

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Give your customers the best brand experience possible. You need a state-of-the-art communication system that will grow and scale as fast as you do – one that sustains your growth, increases productivity and boosts efficiency. Transforming your communication system will set you apart from the competition.  Take your business communications to the next level while driving sales and adhering to industry regulations – all at a cost that makes sense. Looking to address your phone system needs? Fill out the form below and let’s talk and discuss how we can support your brand experience.

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