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Security Locks

Why customized solutions matter

One important thing often overlooked when planning a cannabis business is laying down the overall security plans. Ensuring safe operations for cannabis dispensaries is not only part of committing to a long-term goal of growing the business but is also a major part of how states score a cannabis business licenses application. Therefore, having the right security plan and infrastructure not only makes business sense but also can make or break the application process.

The cannabis industry is relatively new and an incredibly fast-growing lucrative business. As more states are moving to legalize the medical and recreational use of cannabis, the industry is becoming a multi-billion dollar industry that is rapidly expanding. However, with all this attention has come attention from criminals who for a variety of reasons see cannabis businesses as a lucrative target.

Top cannabis security threats

What kind of risks are cannabis business operators dealing with? Theft is most definitely one at the top of the list. What’s more concerning is that most recorded theft cases are committed by current and former employees of the facility. As a result, cannabis display cases and other containers with inadequate security and poor access control systems are very easy targets.

Cannabis facilities are tempting targets for criminals because it is a cash business. As of this writing, banks prohibit cannabis facilities to open bank accounts, accept electronic payments, as well as apply for loans. Owners need to secure their money in a safe within the store premises. 

Designing a secure cannabis facility

Every state has different requirements but a common theme among the new states to legalize is that you will most likely be competing for a limited amount of licenses. Security Plans are typically weighted very high in one’s application and every detail needs to be thought out carefully to impress licensure boards; how you secure your products, control access, and leave audit trials. 

Security locks are among the concerns to be addressed by Security Plans. Here are some common security lock requirements for cannabis business operations.

  • Most states require commercial-grade, nonresidential door locks installed on all points of entry and exit.
  • Cannabis infused products that need to be refrigerated must be locked in a refrigerated unit incorporated into the building structure.
  • Limited-access areas shall have a commercial door and non-residential lock and shall remain closed when not in use.
  • For delivery of cannabis, the product must be locked in a box, container or cage secured inside the vehicle. A delivery employee shall not leave unless the vehicle is locked and the alarm system is active.
  • Security locks may be installed into a dispensary’s kiosks or fixtures like hinged cabinet doors, drawers, display cases, sliding cabinet doors, and two-way drawers. 

Dispensary security can be enhanced by using intelligent locking systems that provide easy access to products and actionable data.

Cannaspire is a leading consultant and provider of security locks and solutions for the cannabis industry. In addition, we offer consultation on security products and business plans to ensure the business will run smoothly.

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