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Secure Your Cannabis Business with Expert Cannabis Security Products, Services, and Consulting

Cannaspire offers solutions to assist startups and growing businesses in meeting their security requirements, ranging from application compliance to preventing security breaches.

Cannaspire has a team of security consultants and experts with backgrounds in law enforcement, the military, digital security, and planning. Our team possesses a deep understanding of security measures to assist your application, ensure compliance, and reduce the likelihood of your business becoming a target.  

Addressing Your Security Needs

Consider the following questions:

Cannabis businesses must adhere to strict regulations and compliance requirements imposed by local and state authorities. How can businesses ensure compliance, such as monitoring surveillance systems or maintaining visitor logs in a manner that minimizes human error and resources?

A cannabis business wants to implement a comprehensive security plan but is concerned about the cost. What cost-effective security measures can businesses prioritize without compromising safety and compliance?

Cannabis businesses operate in a potentially high-risk environment due to the nature of their products. How can they create a safe environment for employees and customers, such as implementing security protocols, preventing the diversion of products, or conducting regular security audits?

These scenarios and questions highlight the vital role that security services play in safeguarding cannabis businesses, their assets, employees, customers, and overall operations.

Cannabis Security Services

Cannabis Security Plans

At Cannaspire, we understand the importance of a well-designed security plan to ensure the safety and prosperity of your cannabis business. We specialize in providing comprehensive security plans that consist of floor plans, facility security design, and access control systems; we also describe how the plan will help assist law enforcement, record-keeping, tracking, monitoring inventory, criminal activity deterrents and more.

Learn more about our Cannabis Business Security Plans HERE.

Security Products

Cannaspire is a trusted partner for cannabis businesses seeking top-notch security solutions. We can assist in finding the optimal security products, including alarm systems, access control systems, video surveillance, cloud video storage, safes and vaults, as well as cabinets and security locks. By leveraging our comprehensive knowledge and industry connections, cannabis businesses can ensure the highest level of protection for their valuable assets.

Learn more about our Security Products HERE.


As the industry expands, it becomes an attractive target for cybercriminals due to its vulnerabilities and valuable data. A successful cyber-attack can have devastating consequences, including financial losses, reputational damage, and potential business closure. Cyber-attacks on cannabis businesses have already begun to occur. To protect your cannabis business, it is essential to implement security measures such as risk assessments, system hardening, security updates, incident response plans, and various monitoring and protection solutions. Consult with Cannaspire to help you find the right solution for your needs and budget.

Learn more about our Cybersecurity Services HERE.

Diversion Investigation

Employee diversion causes about 90% of financial and product loss in the cannabis industry. This problem is more challenging for cannabis companies due to the presence of cash and easily pilferable products. Cannaspire’s investigation team specializes in identifying and preventing employee diversion by monitoring employees, scenarios, activities, and property. Cannaspire also offers undercover employees and shoppers with covert cameras to assist in monitoring sensitive issues within your cannabis business.

Learn more about our Diversion Investigation Services HERE.

Workplace Violence Training Programs

Cannaspire offers comprehensive workplace violence training tailored specifically for the cannabis industry. Our training addresses the unique safety threats faced by dispensary employees and customers, including robbery, disgruntled customers, and active shooters. We provide industry-specific content and use a non-intimidating approach to ensure effective learning. We can provide online courses, in-person sessions, or live webinars to meet your training needs. Protect your employees and gain peace of mind with our life-saving training.

Learn more about our Workplace Violence Training Programs HERE.

Security Risk Assessments

Cannaspire offers security risk assessments for cannabis businesses. Our experts analyze the property’s vulnerabilities, including high-security areas, and then provide recommendations to protect your assets. We assess security cameras, alarms, and access controls, troubleshoot existing systems, and develop facility-specific security protocols. With our expertise in the cannabis industry, we focus on primary risk points to ensure loss prevention and legal compliance. Let us help you determine your business risk factors.

Learn more about our Security Risk Assessment Services HERE.

At Cannaspire, we are dedicated to providing top-notch security solutions that give cannabis businesses peace of mind. Our team of highly trained professionals utilizes industry best practices to safeguard your assets and protect against potential threats.

Trust Cannaspire to be your partner in ensuring the safety and security of your business. Contact us today to discuss how we can meet your security needs.

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