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Seed-to-Sale Software Solutions

Seed-to-sale refers to the full lifecycle of the cannabis supply chain, from cannabis plant seed to the point at which the consumer has a final product in hand. Some state requirements mandate that there is digital seed-to-sale tracking to ensure accountability. As you might already understand, the cannabis industry is heavily regulated, and state policy-makers strive toward positive outcomes with their regulatory efforts. Therefore, having visibility and accountability of your supply chain makes sense not only from an operations perspective but can be mandatory to have a cannabis license.

Keeping track and accountability of your supply chain, whether you are a cultivator, wholesaler, distributor, or retailer, especially to the degree that state regulators require, is usually not feasible with manual processes. This is due to the amount of time, likelihood of error, and lack of oversight. This is where seed-to-sale software solutions come in. However, not all seed-to-sale softwares are created equal, and not all implementations are good fits based on the business and the state(s) they carry licenses to operate in.

What is seed-to-sale software?

Seed-to-sale software is software that allows the tracking of cannabis production, from seed to the sale of products. However, the ability to account for everything in the supply chain to keep regulators happy can also provide other benefits that can help run your business more effectively. Depending on your business needs, an ideal fit solution can provide businesses with benefits such as:

  1. Prevents errors in reporting with compliance and reporting automation

The more your team is entering compliance data and critical reporting, the more likely human errors can occur, potentially creating serious issues with compliance, tax reporting, and business performance. Seed to sale solutions can help automate these processes, lessening the chance of costly compliance errors and freeing up your employee’s time no matter what part of the supply chain your cannabis business is in.

  1. Allows proper monitoring of your inventory to avoid any discrepancies

For a complex supply chain like the cannabis market, knowing and managing inventory details is a must. Seed-to-sale software can give you real-time visibility to track inventory. Plus, it is essential to keep your inventory management data accurate, up-to-date, and accessible to your employees, customers, and regulators to avoid any form of unmonitored business activities.

  1. Protects the organization against theft and improves product accountability

The most common theft in the cannabis industry is actually inside theft from employees or contractors. Although seed-to-sale software cannot automatically identify and prevent employee theft, it makes it hard for a would-be thief to steal anything. This tracking software can detect if there is a plant, bud, or other item that is not accounted for in your business supply chain. Thus, it provides a strong deterrent if one was tempted to steal, and real-time data access is available to identify missing or lost products quickly.

  1. Saves money and improves employee efficiency

Streamlined visual workflows in seed-to-sale software can save you and your staff a lot of time and effort. In addition to eliminating the need to maintain Excel spreadsheets or track paper inventory sheets manually, digital inventory tools also make it easier to update inventory records. With automatic pull sheets and invoicing features, software systems also help manufacturers save time on order fulfillment. You can also integrate seed-to-sale software with other business software you already use, such as QuickBooks. This makes work more accessible and faster for you and your employees.

Cannaspire helps your business implement the right seed-to-sale software solutions. Your strategy for seed-to-sale is integral to your business success. 

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