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We met Jim White at a Cannabis event last year, we really liked what he had to offer to us.  We are new to the business thing so we didn’t want to go with just a lawyer to do our application.  Jim and the Cannaspire team offered much more than just an application service, and that’s what we were looking for.  For our first meeting we had Jim, Warren and Beck with us, and the level of support and experience we wanted we felt immediately.   Jim was able to get us in touch with a great real estate agent and get us into a spot really quickly.  This allowed us to skip the conditional license and go straight to the full annual application.  Beck has been absolutely wonderful, everything he writes is amazing.  He’s been supportive, and imaginative, he’s a wealth of information too.  Jim has also been dedicated to making sure that we are making the decisions that are best for us.  Cannapsire has been instrumental in starting our journey out right, and I know that we would not be where we are at without them.  As we progress into the build out phase we will be more in touch with Warren.  Warren has it on lock with compliance. He’s our go to person in making sure that our dream doesn’t turn into a nightmare.  Warren also has an extensive growing history, for us that is particularly important because we are growing organic.  Having his experience ensures that we are setting up our facility for success.  There are a lot of moving parts to this business, having the right people in the right places is crucial, and Cannaspire is that solid base.  I know that anything I ask them to do, it’s done right, and I don’t have to worry.

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