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Prior to working with Cannaspire, I engaged with another consultant and I was left doing all the work and the ownership team shelled out a ton of the money. Fortunately, for Queen City Wellness we were able to obtain the conditional license in the city of Plainfield, NJ. At which point, that particular consultant blind sighted us with asking for more money and furthermore equity stake in the company.

I knew at that time that we needed to make a change and fortunately for us, we were referred to Ellen, Warren, and the Cannaspire team!

First and foremost, I cannot praise Ellen Bolin enough. The first thing that stood out to me was her strong leadership ability and steadfast demeanor. I loved and always appreciated that whatever she said, she ALWAYS followed through and stayed true to her word. There were NUMEROUS times where we had to put Ellen and the Cannaspire team on hold. We had lost our location and had to pivot. It was evident that she really cared for our success and she would go above and beyond to help in our search. She referred us to several people and ulitmately (and thankfully) Queen City Wellness was able to land a location. And even after SIX MONTHS later Ellen and the team were not only ready to pick up the work they were eager and willing. They knew we were pressed for time as we already filed for an extension. The Cannaspire team worked day and night to make sure that we hit the deadline. To me that is a reflection of Ellen’s “Can do attitude”. She helped us get through the finish line in very tight window. Because of Ellen Queen City Wellness is on the brink of (hopefully next month) of securing the annual license.

The second individual I would like to shout out is Warren Harasz. In our first meeting, it was very apparent to me that Warren has an intelligence level that could rival that of Albert Einstein or John Nash. His knowledge of the industry quite frankly is mind blowing and to call him a subject matter expert would be insult because to me HE IS THE INDUSTRY. Warren has a unique ability to convey complicated messages in a manner that would be palatable to some like me (who does not have his IQ). Warren and his team crafted and drafted the SOP in a matter of weeks, again in a tight timeline and after several changes in locations. He was very organized using Microsoft BOX and was also willing to jump on calls at a drop of dime. One particular example, I can remember was a conversation I had with him that I expressed my future goals in the industry, which was to get a delivery and distribution license. He was the individual that pointed out that Queen City Wellness could still do deliveries if we wrote that into the SOP, which we did! Its these “out of the box thinking” in my opinion that sets him and the Cannaspire team apart overall.

There are individuals like Dr. Courey Averett and others that were also instrumental to our success and I would be remiss if I did not give them a shout out!

Overall, my experience with the Cannaspire team has been nothing short of phenomenal. I would recommend Cannaspire to ANYONE looking for help with getting into the industry. The team is organized, succinct, time conscious, and true to their word. But in my opinion was sets them are apart is they TRULY care for their partners/client’s success. As I said, words are not enough to paint the picture but, I hope this short testimonial conveys my sentiments, my experience, and my utmost admiration for the Cannaspire Team. I hope to model a team as effective once our Dispensary opens!

Thank you

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