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The Cannabis Consultant Guide

What is a Cannabis Consultant?

A cannabis consultant can be a valuable resource for cannabis businesses. Cannabis consulting is a way for you to connect with experts who can help you grow your business. Cannabis business consulting is the process of helping entrepreneurs and businesses with the complex legal and logistical aspects of cannabis-related ventures. 

If you’re considering starting a cannabis business, there’s much to consider. You’ll need to get your license, set up your business, and ensure you follow all the laws and regulations. The process can be overwhelming. A diverse skill-set is needed to run a cannabis business, including state legal knowledge, product knowledge, security, marketing, and even specialized waste management knowledge. Proving that you are competent or partnered with those that provide competent expertise is key to getting approved by the state and operating a successful cannabis business.

A cannabis consultant can help with a variety of issues and challenges that you may face as you start your business, grow it, expand it, or prepare to exit from it. Currently, the consultant landscape includes those who deal with one element you will encounter, such as regulatory compliance or marketing to multi-service consultancies. 

What Can Cannabis Consultants Help With?

Cannabis consultants can assist with various aspects of your business: 

Cannabis Business Plans and Getting Started

Knowing where to start for someone looking to enter the industry can be overwhelming. Cannabis consultants can offer hourly consulting services to help you understand your next steps at each stage. This can mean helping you understand the necessary qualifications, capital requirements, licensing, legal and real estate needs, and more. Furthermore, great consultants are generally well-connected in the industry and can get you in touch with the right types of specialists and professionals whom you will need to engage with in your journey to build a successful cannabis business. 

Most states require applicants to present a business plan to get a business license. A cannabis consultant can help you write a professionally written business plan that aligns with your vision, help win a license, get funding, and lay a strong foundation for your cannabis business success. In addition, a cannabis consultant understands how to create security plans that support your application, help keep you compliant, and make your business a much less likely target for criminals. Identifying the right partners and developing an appropriate action plan from the project’s onset helps ensure the venture’s success.

Cannabis business license consulting

A state license application is, in essence, a compliance document that details precisely how the applicant intends to sustain effective operation within the boundaries of state regulatory and compliance standards.

Many states require you to provide business plans, standard operating procedures (SOPs), established finances, and a bought physical site with the application for a business license. Consultants may bring expertise in building these and can help you draft successful cannabis licensing applications. 

The legalities around cannabis are constantly changing, so it’s important to have someone who can keep up with all the latest laws and regulations in your state. This includes permits and licenses as well as knowledge of employment law, taxes, and more.

Pass inspection and get your doors open

Cannabis businesses are subject to several different inspectors and auditors. Keeping your business compliant with numerous regulatory organizations and ready for inspection might be daunting. 

With high risk and no room for mistakes, canna-businesses typically rely on consultants for trusted advice in preparing your business for inspection and opening. A consultant will collaborate with the client to ensure they are prepared for the first inspection and assist them in maintaining records for continued monitoring by certifying agents.

Having someone who knows what inspectors look for can help ensure that your facility passes its inspection on the first try. They’ll also ensure all your equipment is up to code and ready for use before opening day arrives!

Grow your canna-business

Once your doors are open, the goal is to grow the business and provide a profitable return to you, your partners, and your investors. This can include ensuring a great team, smooth operations, compliance, good marketing, and staying ahead of competitors. Consultants can specialize in one or more of these disciplines to help you grow your business and achieve profitability. 

Cannabis Business Expansion & Multi-State Operation

Cannabis is legal in many states and municipalities, but many obstacles remain to overcome when expanding into new markets. Some cannabis consultants specialize in getting a license in another state and can help you navigate those processes. They can also help expand into new markets, whether for an existing product or a new one.

Mergers and Acquisitions

The cannabis industry has seen many mergers and acquisitions over the past few years. It is common for a cannabusiness to have an end game like seeking a merger or a sale.

Consultants that specialize in mergers/acquisitions are capable of organizing a merger or sale or finding appropriate parties to allow the sale to happen. 

A well-thought-through business typically includes engaging with these professionals early on to put the business in the right place to be ready for a successful merger or exit down the road. If you’re considering selling your business or merging with another company, a cannabis consulting firm can help you with everything from due diligence to creating an effective structure for your deal.

Tips for Choosing the Best Cannabis Consultant

It’s crucial to ensure you hire a consultant with the necessary skills and experience. Here are some guidelines to help you discover the ideal individual for your business:

Find consultants who meet your specific requirements

The first step is choosing the proper expert for your unique requirements. Some consultants specialize in several parts of the business such as regulatory compliance, marketing, or mergers and acquisition. You’ll want to be sure they have expertise in your particular area of interest. This will make it easy for them to develop solutions that fit your demands.

Check their experience

Experience counts when hiring a cannabis consultant. You want someone knowledgeable about the field and with substantial experience. Consider that any person can call themselves a consultant merely by putting up a site. A consultant that is worth your trust can understand what it takes to thrive in your field if they have experience working in it. 

Investigate Relationships with Previous Clients

If someone has been in business for a long time and has been successful, they presumably know what they’re doing and how to generate results for their clientele. If feasible, you should have a look at a specialist’s prior customers. Get as much information as possible regarding these connections before making final decisions or establishing payment terms. There is a caveat to this in that sometimes a consultant can be good at promoting themselves but not back up the hype. This is why it is important to assess quality through your interaction with them along with what you understand of their track record. 

Choose a cannabis consulting firm with well-defined goals and scope  

The scope of engagement and deliverables of cannabis consulting partners must always be explicitly disclosed and confirmed in writing. This is particularly important given that applications are frequently delayed, and cannabis regulations are subject to change. You may incur additional consultation fees if the expectations were not previously specified in detail and agreed to orally and in writing. Is the objective of the project to provide a completed application? Will your consultant work with you despite fluctuating deadlines? If the state alters license standards, would your consultant modify your application to conform to the modifications? You should research to ensure that you ask the right questions and that your job scope includes them.

Consider Twice Before Using Equity for Payment

Some consultants accept equity instead of upfront compensation. This implies that rather than paying them cash upfront for their services, they will own part of your company.  

The provision of shares as compensation may contravene rules and create a significant conflict of interest for consultants working with competitors. Consultants are often paid by the hour or by project milestones. It is uncommon and not advised to trade equity for consulting. Every consultant should be able to provide you with clear and transparent pricing as well as information on what is included in their anticipated cost and any extra fees that may be incurred.

Strong communication abilities  

A competent consultant has clear and succinct communication skills. They should be able to articulate the advantages of their goods and services clearly. If you have queries regarding the product or service, they should be able to respond quickly and competently.

When Do You Hire a Cannabis Consultant?

Because the cannabis industry is so strictly regulated, a single mistake in areas like operations, compliance, accounting, inventory, or marketing might be expensive and detrimental to your marijuana company.

It is essential to employ a cannabis consultant when you want experienced assistance. A cannabis consultant may be hired at any time since they operate as a coach, assisting your business in identifying coherent methods to support your staff, customers, and corporate culture.

The Consulting Process


The first phase for every business consultant is the discovery phase, which aims to learn about your company. A smart business consultant takes the time to gather as much information as possible about a company from the owner and staff.


After gaining an in-depth knowledge of your organization, the business consultant may conduct an examination to determine where change is required. This phase entails assessing the company’s strengths and weaknesses, as well as present and impending issues. Review your vision and objectives to provide the groundwork for the success of your strategy.

Compiling a plan

After you have identified your consultant and determined the specific assistance you need from them, the next step is to devise a strategy for the ongoing management of the situation as it currently stands. You will want to ensure that every stage in the process has been considered so that everything falls into place when needed.


The restructuring stage, also known as the plan execution, is a step that the consultant should start after they have reached an agreement with your firm over a plan. During this stage, the consultant can work to improve your assets while also removing any liabilities. In addition, they track how well the strategy is working and make any necessary adjustments.

Work with Experienced Cannabis Consultants

Cannabis business consulting is a way for you to connect with an expert who can help you grow your cannabis business. Whether you’re just starting, or already have a great idea but need some guidance, our consultants are here to help. If you would like to learn more about consulting services that cannaspire provides – from getting started to exit plans – please have a look at our main site: http://cannaspire.com/

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