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WiFi Solutions

Cannaspire WiFi Solutions for Your Cannabis Business

Wireless networks across a cannabis business infrastructure are necessary for a fully functioning business operation. When it comes to compliance, prevention of operation downtime, security and user experience, careful considerations must be given for the needs of a cannabis business. 

Technology is integral to the operation of a compliant marijuana business, whether it is a dispensary, manufacturer, grow, distributor, wholesaler, delivery or others. However, the industry comes with its own set of challenges and unique circumstances that are typically not present in other industries. 

The Importance Of High-Efficiency Wifi In A Cannabis Business

A powerful WiFi connection allows cannabis businesses to do a lot of things remotely. Having a cloud-based cannabis software system allows monitoring of the environmental conditions of the plants, provides real-time security, and enables cloud-based transactions.

Having a cannabis software system is not only a business operations upgrade, but an actual requirement for cannabis business owners in some states. For example, some require a real-time track-and-trace information system to monitor client usage or background records for compliance and security purposes.

Most importantly, a reliable WiFi connection is important to generate sales. There is no telling where the next client will come from and most likely they will first find you online. The business needs to be visible online and available any time to receive inquiries.

Things To Consider When Installing Wifi Networks And Remote Monitoring Systems

Setting up a remote monitoring system requires an internet connection, a computer, and outlets to install phone lines, internet cables, cameras and sensors. You can choose to have a wired or wireless monitoring system but there are more advantages to using Wi-Fi connections. You have the option to use phone-based systems and wireless sensors, depending on your preference.

Your WiFi network must be compliant, secure, and carefully balanced as to what will be on the network and what will be wired.

Some other common considerations include:

  • The quality of access WiFi routers/access points and how they might affect business systems such as software, POS, and security systems that impact the business and customer experience
  • The size of the physical location and what areas should the WiFi reach
  • Improperly positioned wireless access through the physical location
  • The number of devices and systems that will connect to the network
  • User experience of guests on WiFi connections during transactions
  • Internet downtime, if any
  • Customer service efficiency in case of technical problems
  • Scalability and future upgrades

Cannaspire helps you look at the big picture when it comes to your entire IT infrastructure. We can help with your wireless network setup and implementation so you can achieve your business goals. 

Are you looking for a compliant WiFi network solution for your cannabis business or a plan for your license application? Let’s talk!