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Workplace Violence Training Programs

Protecting What Matters Most . . .

The Cannabis industry has grown exponentially over the past several years with the changing laws around the country. Due to the increase in attention and high volumes of cash transactions, there has also been a corresponding increase in risk. With the government keeping a close eye on dispensaries and selectively approving new applications, it is essential that your business has a comprehensive plan to keep your employees safe from foreseeable emergencies. 

Cannaspire provides clients with their Workplace Violence Training, customized to address the specific safety threats that dispensary employees and customers may face. This training is a critical aspect of both the ‘Policies and Procedures’ component of your Physical Security Plan and the ‘Workplace Security’ section of your Operational Security Plan.

Regain your peace of mind and feel confident that you are taking care of your people by providing them access to the best life-saving training available.

Training Options to Fit Your Needs:

Online Courses
In-Person Sessions
Live Webinars

Protecting Those Who Matter Most ...

What’s Included in the Workplace Violence Training:

Industry Specific Content
This industry specific course addresses specific emergency concerns that a dispensary may face, such as robbery, a disgruntled customer, or an active shooter. Employees will learn essential decision-making skills to react appropriately to a variety of unique situations.

Unique Training Approach
Our training is designed with all personality types in mind – taking content that can be difficult to discuss and presenting it in a palatable and non-intimidating way. This use of emotional intelligence throughout the instructional design greatly improves the learning experience.

Variety of Training Mediums
We understand that businesses operate differently and while some may prefer an online, independent learning option, others prefer a live group event. Whichever way you wish to train your people, we have an answer for you! Our online course is filled to the brim with high-quality videos, interactive elements, scenario-based learning, and quizzes. The Live Instructor options include an engaging and fun in-person session or our Webinar, which blends convenience of online training with access to our instructors.

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Topics Including:

Domestic Violence


Active Shooter/Assailant

Situational Awareness

Active Planning


Improvised Weapons

Disabling Firearms

Defense Point Tactics